10 Easy ways to Make Money Online (No Invest)

10 Easy ways to Make Money Online: No Invest just internet connection and start making money

The easiest ways to make money online.If you are students or even if you want to make money as part-time as by using the internet. There are many easy ways to make money from your home.

So, Today I am gonna tell you about some of those ways according to make money online from home. You don’t have to invest any money. Just if you have a computer and internet connection as well.

10 Easy ways to Make Money Online:

1.Start Blog or website

Start a blog or website. This is the best and easy ways to make passive money online. There is no hard and tricky work. Simply choose a niche which you have some knowledge about that and create your own website with WordPress or blogger.

You can make money with your website by using many methods. Like monetize your website with ad networks as adsense,media.net etc. And get sponsorship from other peoples and also get profit from affiliate commission.

2.Freelance Writing 

If you are a student or if you want to make money as part-time or even fulltime you can take the writing job as a profession. The very very demandable job is freelance writing. You can start with marketplaces Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour etc websites.

3.Reseller Domain Hosting

This is the perfect job for you when you are looking for a job as easy to make money. Many web hosting companies are offering reseller hosting. So join with them and start making money. You can join with eUKhost.com, hostgator.com,Bluehost.com etc website.

4. Sell E-book

Make money with selling ebooks. Write ebooks and sell it to marketplaces. If you search on google you can have a lot of websites where you can sell your ebooks. They will cut a very little amount from your profit but it’s not a big fact when you get sales from them. 

5. Sell Video Course

If you have any particular skills and you are doing youtube from today you can stop doing the free videos on youtube because you can sell your videos as a course on Udemy, Teachable, Ruzuku etc websites and you will a lot of marketplace on google. And really you can make a good amount from it.

6. CPA Marketing

One of the best method for making money online with CPA marketing. You can get huge of CPA offers on the CPA networks. As for CPA offers, you can join CPAlead and CPAgrip website.

7.Affiliate Marketing

The best and biggest platform is affiliate marketing. Peoples make millions of dollars with affiliate marketing. You can get thousands of website which is offering affiliate commission. 

The most popular sites are Amazon.com,Ebay.com, Jvzoo, Commission Junction, Clickbank and more.I have another blog about How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

8. Youtube Marketing

One of the biggest platforms is now youtube. Youtube can be your money making source. You can make money with youtube in many ways. Monetize your videos with the absence and make revenue from AdSense.

Sell your own products on youtube to your audience, Get sponsor from other peoples and review the products and get profit from affiliate sells or directly get payment from the company.


Yes, Facebook is not only social media for spending time. You can make passive money from Facebook. There are so many ways to make money by using Facebook.

Facebook launched instant article.In this method you can monetize your website with Facebook and make money by sharing your article on facebook.

And the facebook new feature is video monetization. Now you can monetize your videos on Facebook and make money with videos.

And also you can sell your own products or services by creating a Facebook business page. And you can make money with more ways on Facebook.

10. Sell your services on Fiverr

If you have any skills on the internet you can sell your skills on Fiverr.Just join Fiverr and see peoples sells their services and make money from Fiverr.

Even you have skill with social media management,writing experience,marketing,traffic generation,lead generation etc.You don’t have to bid with buyers and competition with sellers.Just join and create gig as a products and write description about your service. 

The buyers will come to you and purchase from your gig.My first earning was came from Fiverr.Its really an amazing marketplace.

Each method I’ve  explain here very shortly.If you search on google you can have better idea about the each single method to make money online.And I think these 10 methods are very simple,easy and genuine way of making money as parttime or fulltime.

So, if you got the blog was helpful for you please share this with your friends. Cheers.

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