3 Best Web Hosting Reddit Reviews

Best Web Hosting Reddit Reviews
Best Web Hosting Reddit

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Best web hosting Reddit. If you’re searching for the cheapest web hosting Reddit or best web host reviews. This is the right place for you, and I ‘m writing this review for you guys!

Finding a good and cheapest web hosting company is pretty hard. Also if you got some web hosting company with cheap prices they might charge you too much extra when you’re renewing.

Or maybe their server is slow enough which is kinda suicidal for your website ranking though.

As we all know, nowadays, how important is website loading speed. So, if you cannot choose a perfect web hosting agent, you won’t compete with your ranking.

According to my research, I can recommend some cheapest web hosting agents so, you can purchase your domain hosting with any kind of your online business or personal blogs.

Some web hosting company is starting with very affordable price but charging 2X or 3X on renewing, but some of them still charging the same as your starting.

What is a Hosting Service?

A hosting service is a platform where someone can host the content of the website. For instance, if you start a blog, you will write on a particular topic to share with your audience.

Now you need a platform where you can upload the data so that people can read it. Hosting service is that platform where you can upload a variety of content.

It could be a simple text file, image file, video file, and more.

Why Web Hosting Is Very Important – Top Reasons

When you are launching a new website, web hosting is one of the important factors. If you are new to the industry, it may seem like a puzzle why web hosting is very important!

Well, regardless of the business type, you need to focus on the web hosting type for several reasons. It directly impacts the website’s performance as well as your website’s growth.

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Reasons Why Web Hosting Is Important

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Did you know that web hosting impacts the Search Engine Ranking Position? Particularly, when the business is for a specific location, choosing the hosting based on that location can keep you ahead of others.

Also, a better hosting company ensures better uptime, which is a good signal for SEO.


Maybe you have heard about hacking a website. This could be your website too when the hosting company is not providing enough security.

Hackers can inject malicious codes into the website easily for weak security from the hosting service provider. So, choosing a good one would ensure your website’s safety and security.

Loading Speed

It is too bad when a website takes a long time to load when a user is trying to visit it. It impacts the overall performance of the website. You shouldn’t take the risk with a bad hosting service provider.

Increased loading time annoys the users and bounce rate increases. As a result, the overall performance of the website will be below average.


Have you ever found a website is showing an error message when you are trying to visit it?

This happens when the website is down even though the webmaster has nothing to deal with. A better web hosting company ensures up to 100% uptime to avoid such things.

This becomes possible with a dedicated 24/7 support system. When the website is down, the webmaster can immediately ask for an instant solution.


If you don’t want to lose your valuable data from the website, a backup system is mandatory. Instead of manual backup, automatic backup from the hosting company is always better. This keeps the web data safe and can provide it when necessary.

We hope now you know why web hosting is very important and why you should emphasize it. Read the information from the website hosting company to ensure you are getting everything that is required and choose wisely. 

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5 Best Web Hosting Reddit Reviews

5. Accuwebhosting services

Uptime Loading speed Features  support
99.99% 0.743s 9/10 24/7

Accuweb hosting is a great choice because it gives you everything you want from your hosting, whether it’s faster speeds and security or excellent customer service.

AccuWeb offered a variety of time-tested hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting on Windows and Linux platforms.

Overall, AccuWeb is an excellent choice for customers seeking specialized configuration, scalable resources, and responsive support.

Apart from the aforementioned hosting services, AccuWeb is also known for providing 24x7x365 technical support, quick setups, free backups, 100 percent guaranteed customer satisfaction, discounts, offers, and an uptime guarantee.

It offers the best hosting platform for both novice and advanced users to host their websites.

Accuweb is a powerful hosting provider with advanced features.

What type of services does AccuWeb offer?

AccuWeb provides varied services like Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller, Dedicated Hosting. 

The services, which include shared hosting and Windows hosting, are ideal for beginners, but those with advanced knowledge can also benefit greatly. However, if you want a lightning-fast and hassle-free experience, Accuweb is the way to go!

The extremely flexible pricing structure enables cloud hosting services to provide consistent speed and performance and is ideal for websites with scalable traffic.

Accuweb offers a simple, user-friendly, fully customizable WordPress Hosting option that is secure and tailored to specific WordPress installations. The best features are highly secured, fully managed, free SSL, free domain registration, free migration, true SSD power, and much more.

VPS hosting is the upgraded version of shared hosting, where you get your own space to run a website. Again, AccuWeb has the most flexible VPS plans. Who does not want speed and reliability at such a decent rate?!

Accuwebhosting is available with quality Reseller Hosting plans for Linux and Windows, where you can rent a server from an established player and resell it to your customer.

Dedicated hosting is for those who want to manage all the resources and servers on their own, where you get full access and experience an uninterrupted performance. 

4. Host Gator Web hosting Services

Host Gator  Web hosting Services
Uptime Loading Speed Features Support
100% 1.21 sec 9/10 8.10

If you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting agents, you can use their shared hosting packages. They also have website builders, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth.

Hostgator is a very popular and extremely reliable company that’s providing one of the best web hosting services in the world.

The TTFT is marginally better than expected, at 0.78 seconds, yet then the rendering doesn’t take any longer. It finishes in 1.28 seconds and also the uptime is 99.99%.

The Host-gator provides you 45 days money-back guarantee which is an extra plus to choose and try these hosting packages.

I also love their features as like as free migration, SSL backup, drag, and drop website builder, free domain, unmetered space, and bandwidth, etc.

HostGator Web Hosting

3. Bluehost Web hosting Services

Bluehost Web hosting Services
Uptime Loading Speed Features Support
99.95% 0.96s 8/10 8/10

Bluehost is a very popular trusted and highly recommended web hosting company in the world. Whether you’re searching for Best Web Hosting Reddit or cheapest web hosting agents, I strongly recommend Bluehost.

There are 2 million websites is currently under Bluehost. Its a mostly reputed company entire the world.

If you compare with some of the similar prices web hosting services, which are loading in 680 – 690ms, at the same time the Bluehost will load on 380 – 390ms which is double.

Before I’m writing this review, I’ have read a lot of reviews about Bluehost, and making an honest review as well.

If you’d like to start with a very cheap and a single blog or store with shared hosting, you should use the shared hosting package. That’s a super cheapest package I saw ever, starting with the only 3.95/mo if you choose 36 months though.

Under the basic package, you will get, 1 website, 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, 1 included domains,25 subdomains, and 5 parked domains as well.

And also they have WordPress hosting, WP pro, VPS hosting, e-Commerce, and dedicated hosting packages.

I also love their features as I explained in basic but, always you will have 99.95% uptime, 0.95-sec loading speed, free domain, SSL, Weebly builder, 30 days moneyback guarantee, and WordPress recommend them officially which is the biggest plus for the Bluehost.

2. Interserver Web Hosting Services

Interserver Web Hosting Services
Uptime Loading Speed Features Support
99.95% 0.88s 8/10 8/10

If you’re searching for the best web hosting Reddit or best web host reviews. Interserver is the best web hosting agency.

As I researched their web hosting service and packages I saw they’re offering something special. Maximums of Webhosting company are starting with cheap prices but they’re cutting much while you’re renewing. But Interserve is totally different.

If you’re sign up with a package with $5, you should renew at the same price, and wont need to pay much like others company.

And also you can start at only $1 for the first 3 months. Which is super cheapest as I saw ever.

They’re providing standard web hosting,ASP.net, Dedicated hosting, and pro hosting.

Under the basic package, you will have fast speed, easy control panel, unlimited storage space, free website migration, and unlimited support. Also, you will have the 30 days money-back guarantee.

1. Namecheap Web Hosting Service – Why This Should Be Your Ultimate Hosting

Uptime Loading Speed Features Support
99.99% 0.68s 8/10 8/10

I am just a fan of NameCheap. I hosted my 3 sites on NameCheap and it’s pretty decent.

Never I got any issues here. Even this site, is hosted on NameCheap.

When you are launching a new website, you need to choose the right hosting service. Check out here to sign up for Namecheap hosting

The overall performance of any website hugely depends on the type of hosting service.

Namecheap is one of those hosting service providers. Besides providing the domain name registration service, they are offering a wide range of pricing for hosting.

If you have never used the hosting service of Namecheap, it could be confusing for you to decide. Well, for any website hosting service provider, some particular things are important.

When the hosting service meets those requirements, you can go for it. In this article, we are going to discuss if you should choose Namecheap as your hosting service and why.

Features of Namecheap Web Hosting Service

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Affordable Pricing

You can easily find a new domain name within $10. But finding a hosting service within a reasonable price is not easy.

It is not like that there is nothing better than Namecheap, but they are offering the best affordable pricing compared to other hosting service providers.

Especially, if you are just beginning your online journey, nothing can beat the Namecheap pricing plans.

You can start from as low as $1.50, which is unbelievable compared to some popular hosting services.

They have a wide range of pricing from where anyone would find the right option within the budget. sign up for Namecheap hosting

Free SSL

If you want to increase the trust of your website, using SSL for the website is a must. This is also important to have a better performance in the search result of Google.

For most hosting services, you need to purchase the SSL certificate at a good cost. On the other hand, Namecheap is offering the SSL certificate for free in the beginning. 

Once-Click WordPress Installation

It is needless to say that WordPress is currently the number one content management system for blogging. But to use it, you need to install WordPress in the hosting platform.

For someone without technical knowledge, it is often challenging. Luckily, Namecheap has a one-click installer for WordPress.

You don’t need any coding knowledge for the installation. All it needs is a few clicks, and the website will be ready to host in WordPress.

Website Builder

People now want to do everything without deep coding knowledge. To design a website from scratch without coding, a website builder is a must.

Namecheap offers a built-in website builder in their hosting service plan. With the default website builder, you can design a stunning website like a professional. 


In Namecheap, the hosting service plan comes with a website stabilization feature. The hosting location will be equally distributed to different servers.

As a result, regardless of the location of traffic, visitors can easily access the website without waiting for a long time.

Website loading speed remains fast, which is a good signal for search engine optimization. It also helps in building trust for the visitors. 

Security for the Website

No matter whatever type of website do you own, it needs to remain secure. In the current world, there are hundreds of hacker groups that can get access to your website by pushing malicious coding.

Namecheap protects the threats to the website and provides the best security. No one won’t be able to get access to your website.

Also, your privacy will be protected with their hosting service. No one would know who is running the business.

Dedicated Support

To become a good website hosting service, the service provider needs to have a support system where customers can get immediate help.

Considering that fact, Namecheap will be on top for sure. They are offering a dedicated support system where you can live chat with them to fix a problem. You can ask for a free migration of websites. 

Is It Worth Buying Namecheap Hosting?

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Now the question is, does it worth choosing Namecheap as your hosting plan! Well, if you check the offers from this platform and read the features, undoubtedly, this could be a better choice.

Well, we are not saying this is the only platform, which is offering exclusive features. But when it comes to price, Namecheap is the best.

Particularly, their shared hosting service is a huge money-saving for beginners.

If you want to ensure maximum uptime for the website and stay secure for the data, go for the Namecheap web hosting service. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions About NameCheap

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Is shared hosting a good plan?

Shared website hosting is a better option for beginners. As a new website won’t have much traffic, shared hosting can easily handle it. Moreover, the pricing is affordable for all.

Would I get access to cPanel with Namecheap hosting?

Yes, you will get access to cPanel. You can manage content, change website settings, and more directly from your website’s cPanel.

Can I choose shared hosting for my WordPress website?

Absolutely! There is no issue if you choose the shared hosting plan for your WordPress website though there is a particular plan for WordPress.

How to migrate my old hosting plan to Namecheap?

For almost all types of websites, you can ask the support team for free migration. The team will do it without interrupting the website’s performance. During the migration, the website will be live.

Is VPS hosting mandatory for a website?

Undoubtedly, VPS hosting is the best way to host your website. You will have a dedicated server for hosting, but it is not mandatory. Even shared hosting can easily handle a medium size website without any issues.

Final Words

Despite tons of website hosting platforms, Namecheap is a popular one because of its affordable pricing.

If you are just thinking of an online presence for your business, personal branding, or anything else, go for Namecheap web hosting without any worries.

To get the amazing features, just go for a test run with the platform, and you will start liking it. 

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Website Hosting

So, you have made your decision to start a new website? Well, now you need two mandatory things – the domain name and the hosting.

If it is a brand, you can select the domain name accordingly. But the crucial thing is choosing the right website hosting service. To share anything on the website, you need storage where you can upload everything, and that is known as web hosting.

A wrong selection of hosting could spoil all your effort. This article will cover everything that you need to consider before selecting the hosting.

Remember 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Website Hosting


The first thing you need to consider is the bandwidth of the web hosting. It indicates how much traffic the hosting provider can deal with per month.

If you are expecting millions of traffic per month, ensure that the hosting package can handle that. However, when it is a new website, and the traffic won’t exceed more than 5000, you don’t need to be worried much.


Hosting space is like your mobile or computer storage. It indicates how much space you will get to store your data to present it to your visitors. For instance, if the hosting company offers 1 GB space, you can upload data within this limit.

If you will mostly host or upload text documents, you don’t need large storage. On the other hand, if you are planning to upload videos and music files, go for a higher package.


Are you thinking of launching the website for a particular location? Then we recommend choosing the hosting server for that particular location.

It will boost the site loading speed. For example, if the website is only for Australia, choose a server that is located in this location.

It also impacts the Search Engine ranking position for that particular area. If you are, however, planning the website for global traffic, this point is not important.


Remember that, in online business, your presence needs 24/7. Just imagine a potential buyer is trying to visit your website and found that your site is down. You will lose that customer and probably he won’t like to come to your website again.

This also negatively impacts Search Engine Optimization. The hosting company you are choosing should have a good support system where you can get an immediate response.

Type of Offer

Depending on the website hosting company, it will offer a variety of packages. New people tend to fall into the trap of ‘unlimited offer’.

A package labeled with ‘unlimited’ doesn’t mean it is actually offering unlimited space or traffic. Read the terms and conditions before going for such companies. Besides, consider the reputation and age of the company.

A well-known hosting company with more age will be better. To grab the best deal, compare the pricing of similar companies, and choose it accordingly.

Final Words

If you follow the above things and choose a website hosting, you will get the best service for sure. However, your business or the website may have some unique demand. In such cases, must consult with the hosting company and let them know your requirements. They will give the best suggestion based on your query.


I have analyzed the best and cheapest web hosting services and provide honest reviews. If you have any questions or recommendations, please leave your comment. Thanks for reading.