This is Abdullah J. Raaz AKA Abd Raaz. A professional local SEO & content marketing specialist. I am working with agencies and individuals as a full-time freelancer.

Welcome to Abd Raaz Digital

In this blog, I’m sharing knowledge about local SEO and content marketing. And teaching how to become a successful freelancer with any skills.

I have worked with thousands of clients and always handling 200+ clients for some of agencies.

A few I added on the portfolio and some case studies you will find here.

I have a super-fast skilled team working for me to help my clients though. I always ready to help related to local SEO and content marketing.

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My Personal Life

I m a very simple person in real life. I dream big and hardworking to achieve them. I have a sweet family (3 members), my son Muhammed and a beautiful wife Mahfuza Shumi. So trying to be a better husband and a better father. No one is perfect but I will keep trying. I struggled a lot, now enjoying my works and keeping my hard work.

I have interests in many different things. I spend a lot of time reading blogs and sharing knowledge. I love to learn more about astronomy, love to read books, wild animals, etc. I am a fan of historical movies and series, and more than a fan of business stories. So this is all my personal life in short.