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Abd Raaz Digital

This is Abdullah J. Raaz AKA Abd Raaz. A professional local SEO & content marketing specialist. I am working with agencies and individuals as a full-time freelancer.  Its been 6 years Im in the industry and working with lots of incredible peoples. Im not actually providing just services,  I have lots of connections  with agency owners in my personal network. Though Im spending time to read their problems everywhere and trying to solve them to make things easy. 

Welcome to Abd Raaz Digital

In this blog, I’m sharing knowledge about local SEO and content marketing. And teaching how to become a successful freelancer with any skills.

I have worked with thousands of clients and always handling 200+ clients for some of agencies.

A few I added on the portfolio and some case studies you will find here.

I have a super-fast skilled team working for me to help my clients though. I always ready to help related to local SEO and content marketing.

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My Personal Life

I m a very simple person in real life. I dream big and hardworking to achieve them. Though I have a sweet family (3 members), my son Muhammed and a beautiful wife Mahfuza Shumi. So I'm trying to be a better husband and a better father. No one is perfect but I will keep trying. I struggled a lot, to built this agency, now really Im so gratefull to all that I achieved.

I have interests in many different things. I spend a lot of time reading blogs and sharing knowledge. I love to learn more about astronomy, reading books, wild animals, etc. I am a fan of historical movies and series, and more than a fan of business stories. So this is all my personal life in short.