Are You A Freelancer? Lets Double Your Income

how to double your income
how to double your income

What If I teach you some secret tips to double your income in a short-cut way? Sounds awesome right? Well, I’m going to share with you something special and don’t worry it’s not gonna waste a lot of time though.

Are you currently working on Upwork ?

Or are you currently working on fiverr?

If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

If you didn’t read my article there I shared my 5 secret rules to earn $5000+month I highly prefer to read that.

How To Double Your Income as a Freelancer?

Create a website: The first step you have to choose that creates your own portfolio or a blog site. It’s not necessary to start a blog but at least a website is important.

Because you see I’m making $5000 – $7000 average per month just because of my website.

Every day a lot of people from connection visiting my website and service pages, and finally they contacted me to discuss a deal.

I feel like that my website is representing me as more professional. More serious about business.

I saw many people and some of my clients, said they don’t discuss with any person who had no website.

One of my clients said: Why should I discuss to a person for thousands of dollars if he/she has no website. They have no website meaning is they’re not so serious, and we cannot make any deal with them.

Just imagine, I agree a lot of people just hiring from Upwork or Fiverr. But believe me , if you wanted to play with some big players, you need a website.

Creating a website is not so costly, it only charges you $10/year for a domain name and $20 max a hosting if you choose Namecheap. Get a Namecheap domain and get a Namecheap shared hosting.

Also you can read and choose a better hosting from this review

So, I think it’s total not more than $25 bucks a year. Isn’t it a good idea to spend $25 and earn a lot more $$ and a lot of big deals? I think it’s completely wise.

What next after creating a website?

No, only creating a website is not going to help. Create a website that represent you professional is important.

  • Keep the website simple and fresh
  • Add service pages
  • Add some portfolio, case studies of current success
  • Blogging is the best idea
  • Make sure it represents you as a brand
  • Optimize your social channels and add your website there
  • Use your website in your email signature
  • Connect with more professionals in LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Keep sharing knowledge
  • Grow and keep it up

Now How To Increase Your Monthly Income

When you created a website its 90% done. Now you have to follow those points added above.

How much you currently making from marketplaces ?

If its $1000 – $2000 now you have few more things to do in order to raise the income and hit $5000 goal.

Tell Story:

If you’re making at least $1000 or even $500 from marketplace, you have a story to tell people how you achieve it. Go open the LinkedIn and create a post.

Make connection with a lot of people that belong from same industry.

Are you providing digital marketing services ? There are a lot of potential people need help. Make connection with them.

Wait wait,, remember, don’t spam on their inbox.

When you sharing your success stories, interested people will ultimately visit your website to check out what you’re offering. If they intersected , will contact you.

But if you inbox them in first impression it will be very strange and represent you very unprofessional.

This way you will lose them in future.

So keep telling stories and explain how you solved problems for others.

Believe me it works, this is how I’m making $$.

Not only LinkedIn, you could join Facebook groups and other social media too.

Its not a short-cut and takes time, so you have to being with patient and consistency is the key.

I have another article you should read here 10 things to learn if you wanted to become a successful freelancer.

So, if you making at least $1000 from the marketplace, after a few days or weeks you will start getting offers from potential clients through your website. Now hopefully you start getting some extra $$ from your direct clients too.

Final Words

There’s no way to make money on short-cut. You have to learn decent skills, build a network, gather a lot of experience, and you must have to be failed again and again. Do you have any questions regarding this topic?