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Hey, This is Abd Raaz, a professional local SEO and Content Marketing Specialist. I'm here and ready to show you the strategy that might help you to increase an extra 300%+ traffic to your website monthly through content marketing.

Best Content Marketing Strategy – Boost your Website Traffic [BCMS-45]

Best Content Marketing Strategy – Boost your Website Traffic [BCMS-45]

Best content marketing strategy. We just started offering a new content marketing strategy to increase organic traffic and keyword ranking on google.

Content is no more king but its the kingdom. Agree?

Yes, if you have a solid content marketing strategy, you might survive to compete with your competitors.

What do we do in our strategy? 

Well, we do a lot of things. first of all, we do a complete audit of your website. We analyze the audience, website structure, keywords, GSC, GA, and competitors. After that, we make sure the proper website structure, and a list of keywords we setup. 

What’s next? 

We Create Content and publish on the main website, outreach to the bloggers, content sharing platforms, and social networks.

How does it work?

  1. We create well-optimized content for the website once a week (1000 – 2000 words)
  2. We contact the related bloggers and publish unique content on the high authority websites (weekly once)
  3. Creating content on the quora and medium. (the main traffic source) We are doing this very actively. Per day 4 post on quora and 1 link back to the main website. We are focusing on the real problems and answering the questions and solving real problems. So, our answers get a lot of views and getting a great number of engagements.
  4. The same content we create in quora and the website we use that on medium.
  5. At least one social media we will use. It could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest (depend on the niche)

(the content marketing monthly price is $700 but if you have already your website content, and you would like to skip that part, then we charge only $500/mo)

Best Content Marketing Strategy [BCMS-45] $500 – $700/mo


Content Marketing Items$500/mo$700/mo
Website1 article weekly N/AYes
Blogger Outreach1 Blog weeklyYesYes
Quora4 answers per dayYesYes
Medium4 post per dayYesYes
Social Media2 – 3 posts per dayYesYes