Best Free Keyword Research Tools – Easy Keyword Research

Best Free Keyword Research Tools – Easy Keyword Research

A keyword is key to your success story. So, if you have an online store, website or blog and you are trying to rank it top you have to set up your keyword first.

I am an SEO expert and working with clients. So, I got a very basic mistake that my 90% of clients come to me with the website but they have no idea about keyword.

They already made a website but didn’t set up the keywords before creating the website. So, you have to set up your keywords first before creating your website.

Keyword research is a bit technical but not hard. And we have many paid tools to get an in-depth idea about any keywords. Like Ahref, Semrush, etc.

But today I am not gonna tell about any paid tools I am gonna explain about Best Free Keyword Research Tools.

How to set up  keywords first:

So, before research keyword setup keyword structure. Like you are planning to create a niche affiliate website. So, you have to choose at least 10 keywords. 

As like as 2 main keywords (low competitive) low search volume, 4 buying keyword (low competitive) low search volume, and 4 normal keywords (low competitive) high search volume.

So, now you can research your keyword to following this structure.

How to research keyword free?

First, if all, take the idea about keywords. Search on google with your targeted keyword. Make sure you have installed “keyword everywhere” chrome extension. Use google keyword planner and LSI keywords.

Those are LSI keyword and you can also get LSI keywords from And choose your keywords from here. If you get an idea and selected some keywords now you have to use another tool to find the actual information about those keywords.

So, visit Neil Patel ubersuggest.

Ignore that keyword if the difficulty 30+. So, find out and make sure the keyword difficulty less than 30 even less than 20 is great for easy ranking.

And also research a bit about top 10 competitors for those keywords. You have to know about their domain authority, domain age, backlinks, etc. As for all information about any website you can use Moz and SEOquake extension.

So, if you need any help about keyword research please feel free to contact us or any SEO or as for any digital marketing services please check out our service page. Honestly, you will get help no charge. We only charge when a client needs a specific service.

So, I have tried to explain a very simple and shortcut system for keyword research. Hope you guys enjoyed the blog and comment below if you have any questions.

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