Best Practice Of On-Page SEO For Local Business

When it comes to on-page SEO, there are a lot of myths and thoughts moving around. Actually, I’m going to give you something simple.

First of all, Audit your website properly. You can use my template for a perfect audit. Google “SEO Audit Checklist by Abd Raaz”, you will find my checklist though. Or I will attach it below.

After complete your audit, fix all the errors and optimize all the items that need optimization.

The most important part is now, you have to structure your website very well. You should know what are you doing with your website.

What’s the link, whats anchors are you using.

To make things very simple and easy to understand I have made this ART work

It’s an on-page SEO structure for local SEO. I think you can still follow this template, just avoid the GMB if you’re not in local SEO.

I made this for my clients because I have 100+ local SEO clients.

  • Audit
  • Fix and optimize all the items
  • Build Perfect structure
  • Perfect anchor text
  • Follow this Template to audit