Can I Change Full Name On Fiverr [YES YOU CAN] Fiverr Verification

Can I Change Full Name On Fiverr [YES YOU CAN] Fiverr Verification

Fiverr verification is a very simple process and a lot of videos you will get on youtube as well. So, today in this blog I m not gonna explain to you how to verify Fiverr account. 

So, I am gonna give you the actual answer for this question as How to change my full name on Fiverr?

So, as for username, you won’t be able to change the username on your Fiverr account but if you would like to change your full name before verifying your identity on Fiverr.

This is possible to change. But there is a lot of confusion. When my id was in verification mode I was so worried about it. And All the information I got was wrong.

Everyone suggested me to change the billing address but I am so, confused and the answer was not made me satisfied. So, I research it more and got a great solution.

There is 2 way to edit or change your full name. When you created your account before creating your gig you had that option right? So, the first method is if you delete your all gig you will have the option to change the full name and create gig again. 

But, if you continued selling your services even you have many reviews so, you don’t like to delete the gig and restart again as a new seller. So, how can you change the full name on Fiverr without deleting your gigs?

Well, browse this link  [] and get the option and simply just change the name match with your ID.

And yes, it’s 100%  secure and I just applied this method and got verified within 1 minute. And there is no illegal or risk with you because it’s not violating their terms. We just browse the link and changed the full name before verifying our identity.

So, if you have any questions about it or any suggestions please comment below and if you feel this blog was helpful for you please share it with your friends. Cheers.