Can I Use One Payoneer Account With Multiple Fiverr Accounts?

Can I Use One Payoneer Account With Multiple Fiverr Account?
Can I Use One Payoneer Account With Multiple Fiverr Account?

Yes and No! Yeah, I have both answers yes and no for those who worried about using one Payoneer account with multiple Fiverr accounts.

I collected some questions regarding this problem and I’m going to answer them all.

Can I withdraw Money From Multiple Fiverr Accounts In One Payoneer?

Using multiple Fiverr accounts is another violation of Fiverr TOS. If you do so, Fiverr can easily figure out and ban your profile immediately. So, you can’t withdraw money from multiple Fiverr accounts in one Payoneer.

My Old Fiverr Account Has Been disabled, Can I Use The Same Payoneer Account In My New Fiverr Account?

Yes you can! But you have to go ahead a few steps before you do so. If you had an active account on Fiverr and somehow you got banned, now you can still create a new Fiverr account by name of your friends and family. But in this new Fiverr account, you can’t directly use the old Payoneer account.

So, whats method you can use for the same Payoneer account that you used to withdraw money from your old Fiverr account?

Well, here’s how: First of all login into your Payoneer account and contact support. Tell them, you wanted to disconnect your Payoneer account from Fiverr. Or simply tell them, Please remove the Fiverr as a payment source from my Payoneer account.

They will remove or disconnect the old Fiverr account as a payment source from your Payoneer. And now you can easily just withdraw money from your new Fiverr account.

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Final Words

So, these are the very common questions regarding payment method in Fiverr, that I heard from a lot of sellers. I tried to answer them all and I had the same problem when I was a regular seller in Fiverr and I did the same thing as explained. Do you have more questions regarding Fiverr? Comment below