Do you have any idea about website traffic? [drive traffic fast]

Do you have any idea about website traffic?[drive traffic fast]

In this blog, I am not explaining how to get traffic from social media. I just tried to compare some social media as my experience. And at last, I will tell you what’s the best method for drive traffic fast.

I have tried some social media and got different results so, I want to share t5he experience of mine.

I use facebook,twitter,Quora,Tumblr,Reddit,Pinterest.Also I sale the services for my clients who need traffic their website. Really I got some excellent results on the different platform.

You can post on groups and your own pages but if you post on public groups and there not convert a good result. But if you use the paid groups and pages that will give you some benefits. And also if you have your own page or groups, means your own audience you can get traffic but it’s not a short process. You have to spend a certain time and amount on that. I have another blog about facebook traffic.


Twitter is the same as other social media. You have to spend time and money to build your audience. I have another blog about that. How to get traffic from Twitter.


Tumblr is not different like others. but its a great microblogging sites in the world. But the same causes, you have to wait or spend your money.

So, as my experience with Reddit, Tumblr, facebook, twitter,Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and Linkedin I got 1 social media is different other social media. All the social media is great and you can drive millions of traffic but not fast. 

As fast as the new profile you can get huge traffic from Pinterest. Even less than 10 days you can get 10k page views only from Pinterest. Yes, that is my experience because I also drive traffic for my clients and I have 100+ five star reviews in Fiverr. And I have another article about how to get traffic from Pinterest. Please read that.

So, I got the best result on Pinterest because the maximum of clients ask me for they need traffic but they won’t want to wait. So, I apply this method for them and they got the targeted results.

Please check out my services page and if you want to see my marketplaces pages or clients reviews and if you are a little bit interested to work with me, please take a look to my about page and then contact me. Thanks for reading.