Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Generate More Traffic to Your Website
Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Generate More Traffic to Your Website

How to generate more traffic to your website ? Let’s explain

Whats The Key Point?

  • What is traffic Generation ?
  • Whats the best ways to generate more traffic?
  • Free and paid strategy
  • Generate traffic for pros
  • Generate traffic for cons

What is traffic generation?

Traffic generation is a fancy word of driving website visitors. If I say as a defination of generate traffic. So, I could say, there’re are a lot of ways people apply to increase website visitors as well as those all mthods and stratgeies are traffic generation system. Thats called traffic generation.

As an example: I am creating content on the pinterst and linking my website inside the pins for drive traffic to my website as well as this is a traffic generation system.

Generate More Traffic to Your Website

So, now we are going to disscuss whats the best ways to generate more traffic to your website. Traffic generation is pretty simple and easy but here’s the twist inside the story of every successful bloggers.

Thats why maximum of bloggers struggling a lot.So, please read the full content I am going to explain.

There are a lot of ways we can apply to generate traffic to our website as well. So, pick the perfect stratgey and start working on it.

The best ways to genwerate more traffic

Platforms/ways Free Paid
Youtube Yes n/a
Facebook Yes n/a
Pinterest Yes n/a
LinkedIn Yes n/a
Quora Yes n/a
Medium Yes n/a
Reddit Yes n/a
Display Ads/PPC n/a Yes
Guest Post n/a Yes
Social Ad n/a Yes

Yes, you can join those platforoms and start promoting your website to get more visitors to your website. I have another blog about How do I get website traffic quickly? So, please read that and learn. There I explained all the free methods of traffic generation.

Youtube: Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. People also searching always with their needs and making descitions of their daily life. And the platform is 100% free to create content. So, start creating valuable content for your targeted audience. And get traffic to your website.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most biggest social media and has billions of active traffic there. So, just keep strategically creating content on the related groups and connect with peoples. So, you can generate a lot of traffic from facebook.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the biggest social media and a visually search engine too. There are more than 320 million montlhy visitors avaiable. So, do some research about pinterst marketing and start work on there to generate more visitors to your website.

LinkedIn: Linkedin is the best professional platform for the professional peoples. There are billions of monthly visitors active on the platform. If you’re in b2b or b2b2c, then linkedin is the best free place to drive tons of traffic.

Quora: If you are taking about content marketing platforms. Then, I say quora is the number one free content marketing platfroms though. Even though the quora is the biggest questuion answer cmmunity too. So, you can directly help your targeted audience and linked to your website and increase traffic.

Medium: is my fav. content sharing platform. Its really very powerful community and free content sharing platform as well as you can easily publish content and generate traffic to your website.

Reddit: If you’re talking about active visitors and also USA base then I say reddit is the best for that. Reddit is the biggest social media and free content sharing paltform to share knowlege and get traffic to the website.

Display Ads/PPC: If you’re looking for traffic and instant then, display ads or ppc is the best method to choose. In order to increase website traffic, you can run the ads from google adward and drive traffic directly from the google.So, you have to pay google for this method.

Guest post: Guest post is the very popular way to increase website traffic and raning high on the google. Although, some of bloggers will give you a chance to create content on their website for free but maxiums are asking for money. So, you can say this is a paid mthod to generate traffic though. So, reach out to the relavent blog and publish content on there and linked your website as well.

Social Ad: Social media has paid and free both options to drive traffic as well as if you’re looking for traffic instant then the paid ad campoaign is the best way. Social media’s are charing less but giving lot of traffic.

Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic For Pros

  • Generate traffic is not so hard
  • Here’s a lots of fun
  • Its also improve your marketing skills
  • Generate organic traffic is the best practices of SEO

Drive Traffic For cons

  • Generate website traffic is not an easy job
  • Its taking a lot of time
  • Why its not working for me

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However, there’s no overnight success story inside of the bloggers or any professionals. And if you are looking for high-quality and targeted traffic, then you have to create contents as continueously and promote as much as you can. Also remeber, you have to create the content for human and people get solutions to tehir real problem to read your blog.