Google Local Ranking Dropped Suddenly? Recover Your GBP

Google Local Ranking Dropped, how to Recover Your GBP

Your client’s Google local ranking dropped? Let me explain to you what exactly should you do to recover your GBP raking drop.

Bring the business, make your clients money, and they will just keep through you $$$$$$$$$. I love the GAME.

Some new items I have discovered last month after doing some experiments. I always test different tactics to make our strategy effective.Result: Clients trust our work, and dealing for a long time.

We have now a bunch of web projects ongoing and a ton of local SEO clients growing with us.I have some tips for you guys, apply them and thank me later.

Sudden Google local ranking drop on all the local keywords?

  1. Audit your full website again
  2. Think about your keywords
  3. On-page SEO (Extremely important)

Do a proper audit and find out what’s going on.
Fix all the technical errors + speed
Use the screaming frog and mark all the pages that has missing metas,

no titles, duplicated things, and all the other metrics.
Go fix every single page in your website though.
You done 50%

Now before play with keywords, you have to look again at the list

of keywords that you trying to rank.

Are you sure, that all the keywords that you targeting are fulfilled user intent?

I know you have some wrong keywords in your list, kick them out from your list.
Rather add some great keywords in your list.
Go your GSC and GBP insights dashboard, see there are lots of keywords

getting noticed by Google organically.

You know, those keywords exactly match user intent with your pages,

that’s why if you push those keywords a little bit,

it will bring more traffic and probably more leads in real quick.

So make your keywords target list solid and pick the best keywords only.
Now go, open your website pages one by one.

(I would recommend use Surfer SEO tool to audit page metrics,

it’s giving some great signals to optimize the page perfectly).

The page should have local optimized titles, h tags, anchor, and blend

more keywords in the paragraph.

If you think the page needs more content, add more words/paragraphs.
Don’t afraid to use anchor text, just make sure it does not look odd or irrelevant though.

Make sure, you structured your website very well, and that you know what are you doing.
I know most of you guys just don’t care about website optimization.

But when you properly optimize the website, it alone will show you an instant jump

on that time within a few days. If you have any specific questions, would love to know more,

I’m always open to jumping on a zoom/skype call and discussing further details.

A secret: I never run ads, never buy leads, never cold call, or even Im not chasing clients

hahahahaha. But still we have plenty of clients making us too

busy here are 18/20 guys in the office.
Good Luck