How Can I Find Content Writing Clients? [2 Easy Steps]

How can I find content writing and SEO clients?

There are 2 simple methods to find Content Writing Clients:

Number 1: Create a profile on the marketplace such as Upwork, Fiverr, Legiit etc, and find clients.

Number 2. Build your own target audience and sell your writing services. How you can build your target audience? Well, let me explain clearly.

First of all, find your niche that’s you love to talk about or write. i.e. pet animals. But its a huge industry, don’t enter in the full industry. Instead, choose a single topic and make it narrow down. Like pet birds, or cat or dog etc, choose a single one.

And start talking about it in the community. Nowadays, the blogging and writing industry changed a lot.

So, be smart.

Now, what to do?

Create your own blog and join some platforms where your target audience already spending time.

It could be Facebook groups, Reddit, quora. Check out all the related questions, comments and posts. you will see a lot of topics that you can also participate in the knowledge sharing.

So start helping your target audience by providing valuable information. If you do it with consistency, there are also a lot of people who will ask you to write on their blogs or write for them too.

Every day meet new people in your industry, make new connections and add value to the community. You will be a popular person in your industry and there’s a lot of business. This is how you can raise your number of clients and make more $$.

Some Pro Tips To Get Clients For Your Content Writing Services

Nowadays, it’s important to be an industry expert. Because there is a lot of competition, so only the way you could break or challenge the competition with your master skill. You cant survive with an average skill neither you can’t be good at everything. So choose the perfect industry and be the brand.

Don’t waste your time to just sending messages to random people and emailing. Just focus on the community and keep helping your audience.

Finally What to do to Attract Content Writing Clients?

So if you share knowledge in your industry and help people with valuable information, I think now you have some followers, who love to read your information though. 

Now you can just add your service on your website and add the website link in your social profile’s bio. Thats it.

This is exactly how Im running my business and now I have around 200 clients and 15 members working in my team. Its a great method to attract clients. lol

If I ask you a question!!

“You see a man you know the man closely, he’s selling something vs another man selling the same thing, now if you buy the product, who the man you’re going to buy from?”

I’m 1000% sure, that you will buy from that well-known person. This is what content marketing is better than any other method such as email marketing.

So, when you email random people, they just don’t care what you selling, but if you share knowledge and help the target audience, they care, they might be interested in you. 

Because content marketing makes you popular, creates your own face and own brand that no one can compete with.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment.