How Can I find SEO Clients? Interesting Things About SEO Clients

How To Find SEO Clients ??


SEO is big, so whats kind of SEO you do, and what your niche?

Because it’s not now a generic module to work everywhere than 5 years behind.

Today’s SEO’s are divided by niche and industries.

Like, I’m only working with agencies who run companies and providing SEO services.

That means my clients are agency/company owners. And what kind of SEO I provide? It’s local SEO.

I think you understand what I’m trying to explain.

So, first of all, you have to identify a type of audience and figure out where they’re spending most of their time.

What are they’re asking and what’s their pain. If you feel that they’re in Facebook or LinkedIn, go and make at least 30 – 50 connections.

Try to understand their problems, pains, and goals. And now, ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish?

how can you help them to solve their problems or achieve their goals?

Now it’s easy because now you’re very focused. You only have a few connections or a few hundred peoples that you wanted to help.

If you regularly telling stories to them, if you come up with some great solutions to solve their problems or achieve their goals, you can convert them.

Go search on google and analyze the social demographic and figure out your target audience. After that only focus on that platform and ignore everything. Don’t suck all the places, it’s worse and gonna waste your time, we have only 24 hours a day.

How To Catch Them: How To find the perfect SEO Clients?

This is Why I love Facebook.

According to Statista 2021:

People spending time on social media platforms:


Time spent per day: 38 minutes


Average time spent per day: 29 minutes


Time spent per day/week: 3.53 minutes per session


63% of LinkedIn users access the network monthly, and 22% weekly.


Time spent per day: 14.2 minutes


Time spent per day: 41.9 minutes among viewers 18 and older.

I have been active on Facebook and LinkedIn though. I got Facebook is more powerful than LinkedIn if you’re looking to the connection with new peoples.

Why? because I find LinkedIn as a tool that helps you to figure out the people with perfect categories,,

so you can collect their information. But Facebook is kind of different I guess.

An example,, checkout some linkedIn groups and facebook groups.

People are so engageing in facebook groups, they sharing knowledge. But in linkedin, no matter what you shared on the groups,

people dont care,,

This is the biggest difference. It will take a lot of time to make a good and engaging circle on the linkedin but it will take a few weeks on Facebook.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.