How do I get website traffic quickly? [Fast Traffic Gen]

How do I get website traffic quickly?


We are sharing all the details about “how to get website traffic quickly!!

What’s the key point we should talk about??

  • Definition whats the traffic generation is
  • What’s the strategy I following
  • What’re the platforms are best and why
  • What’s the technic and methods I’m using in order to increase traffic faster

What is Traffic Generation?

As a definition of traffic generation is, the process of marketing that drive traffic directly to the particular website, store, blog or any online pages.

The strategy I following:

How do I get website traffic quickly?

It’s a very common question that is a question of every website owner. Am I right?

So, the answer is:

It’s pretty simple and easy to drive traffic to your website as quicker. If you run ad campaigns that’s the super-fast but all the websites and product is not perfect for a paid ad campaign.

So, actually I will explain to you the best and perfect method for drive traffic super-fast to your website.

First of all, do some analysis of your business and then select the platform. Do some research about your competitor’s strategy. After that make a better strategy than your competitors as well.

Now, How do I get website traffic quickly?

Well, I am providing traffic generation services for the last 4 years and I have some experience in this field as my profession. If you search on google “Abd Raaz” maybe you should realize BTW.

So, what’s the method that you can increase some highly targeted traffic to your website for free?

I would recommend some platform to create content and keep consistency. If you create content for 7 days and blame someone you wouldn’t gonna be any traffic or anything else.

As I mentioned, drive traffic for free/organically is easy but actually it’s not easy at all. The strategy is pretty simple but the challenge is keeping with consistency. Yes, consistency is the game on this strategy.

As an example, If you brush your teeth for one day 10 minutes and if you brush your teeth for 5 days and daily 2 minutes. So, what’s the method you’d like to brush your teeth. I think you definitely like the 2nd method that is 2minutes per day.

So, that’s the matter. There’s no overnight system to get massive traffic to your website very faster.

But, at least 1 – 3 month is enough for making a big change.

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So, here’s a slide:

I most like some of the social media and some of content sharing platform to create content, help peoples and drive traffic.

The platforms I use

Social Media Content Sharing
Pinterest Quora
Linkedin Medium
Reddit Related Forums
Facebook Groups

Join these platforms and start creating high-quality content as a daily basis at least 3 months. I promise you will get that what you’re looking for and definitely thank me later.

What’s the technic and strategy I personally use for the marketing

So, first of all, I choose a set the perfect platforms like one Pinterest profile, one quora, one medium and related Facebook groups.

Pinterest Marketing

Let’s explain the strategy of Pinterest Marketing

Yes, as for increasing organic traffic. Pinterest is number 1 as my opinion. Because whether you’re searching for a faster method that drives you organic visits, there’s no another alternative of Pinterest.

You will get a shock if you work at least a single month on Pinterest. Because they will give you a number of visitors that you cannot expect.

I personally use Pinterest for my clients and getting tons of monthly visits from there.

So, what’s the strategy I follow?

Pretty simple, just creating content with optimized images and using keywords and hashtags as a proper Pinterest SEO strategy.

You don’t have to worried about the optimized image because I’m using canva and I am not a graphic designer. Canva is super easy to use and creating images for social, you should use canva to resize and edit images.

After that, I just create the pins on Pinterest. whether you’re creating a new pin you have to put the pin in a board and the title must be a good fit for SEO.

So, before publishing your pin you can research the Pinterest keywords for better engagements. A tool (chrome extension) will help you a lot. ClipRise

So, you have optimized images with canva and researched keywords with ClicpRise. And now the question is how often you need to post a new pin.

So, my answer is 10 – 15 is pretty good. I heard from a guy creating new pins every single hour means 24’s a day and got 1million page views in a single month.

So, you should have a test. But remember, you have to create new pins with unique URL a day. Otherwise, the Pinterest will ban your profile as their new Pinterest copyright policy.

So, create new pins always and don’t spam at all. Now you have to put a short description and most relevant hashtags on the description box. Follow other peoples and save other peoples pins and boards as daily basis like a pin. And keep working as regularly. This is a very simple strategy I use for my clients and getting tons of visits a month.

Quora Marketing

Let’s discuss the strategy of quora to get website traffic quickly

Quora is the perfect platform to get instant traffic. If you have quality content and would like to help people I say go for quora. Try to answer at least 4 questions a day.

Use some details and informative information in your answer so, that really help people. And quora algorithm will understand and promote your answer to their user and also that will appear on the google search too.

And you can get massive traffic from quora within a few days. Also, quora links are nofollow but now Nofollow links are used as a hint for crawling, indexing, and ranking purposes. Previously, they were not. So, now it will help you to increase your ranking too as google 1 March 2020 updates.

So, if you answer 4 questions a day you will able to get links from one of the answers from there.

So, help people, comment others and keep it as regular.

Medium Marketing

How to use the medium in order to increase traffic to your website?

Medium is the biggest content sharing platform with 146 million + monthly visits as similarweb calculation. And it’s free to publishing content. So, just create your profile and start creating content and link back to your website when you have a chance to put a link. And this is another technic I use for my clients to drive website traffic quickly.

Facebook Groups

How to get traffic from Facebook groups

Yes, I use Facebook to get instant traffic. As we all know Facebook has billions of traffic and those are very active and niche relevant.

So, what’s the game? Well, first thing, you have avoid the spammy group. Facebook has tons of groups that allowed any posts and people are posting anything. And anyone doesn’t care about those post or there’s no likes or comments either.

So, find some groups there’s has a professional and your niche related audience. And then help people to share your content with them. Sometimes admins not allowed sharing links though. Then you can ask them some bucks and I hope they will charge you to pin your content on their groups.

So, these are the 4 major platforms I use to get website traffic quickly than any other strategy.

I could also recommend to reach out bloggers for a guest post or making videos on youtube. But those are a little bit harder to get instant traffic at all. In this article, I just highlight how to get website traffic faster.

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Hope this help and if you have any questions please comment below. Thanks for reading.