How Do I Improve My Ranking On Google Maps?

Google map is one of the best options to generate highly targeted customers. No matter what kind of business you running, if you are in Google Maps, you are going to get a lot of new customers.

But in order to drive customers through Google Maps, you have to rank the listing on pack 3.

I mean, look at this screenshot:

Check out some of my client’s local ranking case studies here

This is the option that actually drives customers. So, you have to appear in one of these 3 packs.

As you can see on the screenshot, number 3 position, they’re one of my clients. We worked on their GMB and website and ranked them on pack 3 now they’re getting a lot of new phone calls/leads just because of the position.

When people searching on Google “immigration lawyer in Brooklyn” the listing appears in pack 3, people just visiting the listing and calling them.

Now I’m going to share with you what you have to do, to improve your ranking on Google maps:

  1. Create your website
  2. Optimize the website
  3. Make sure the website is mobile fast (fast-loading)
  4. Do some keyword research
  5. Create service pages
  6. Add schema
  7. Optimize your website service pages
  8. Optimize your page titles specifically for local
  9. Create Google my business profile
  10. Connect your business to the GMB
  11. Add maps on the website
  12. Optimize the GMB
  13. Make sure you optimized all the options on the GMB
  14. Capture some photos and upload them on the GMB
  15. Create regular posts with focus keywords
  16. List your business to the top local listing sites
  17. Create some brand profiles
  18. Create social posts
  19. Get some backlinks from local blogs
  20. Do all the activities every day
  21. Read all the posts on my Quora and my Blog

To rank better on the Google map, hire a professional and do it with perfection. I swear you will get a ton of business from Google. The main reason I recommend local SEO is because you’re going to get a lot more business without spending any $$ on paid ads.

So, pay a little to a professional and once you gain the pack3 ranking, you will not gonna pay for the leads coming.

It’s like a lot of fun. And this is how I’m managing 150+ clients and helping them to grow their business through Google maps.