How Do You Increase Your Blog Traffic?

How Do You Increase Blog Traffic?
How Do You Increase Blog Traffic?

A Question: “How do I increase blogging traffic?” I got on quora and answered.

If you are in blogging, I’m not sure whats your niche though. But in order to increase your blog traffic, here are my tips and advice to grow your reader base.

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How Do You Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Before Starting Your Blog:

When you’re planning to start a blog, first of all, you have to identify the perfect niche that you can keep writing on that topic. 95% of bloggers quit blogging due to choosing the wrong niche.

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If you choose a wrong niche that you have no interest or much knowledge in that topic, probably you will quit after a few days or months.

So, don’t do this mistake. Choose a perfect topic that exactly match your skills.

But, don’t choose an industry. Like fitness, fitness is the largest industry that you never ever can compete with the big players, whos already ranking on the Google top.

Choose a sub-niche under fitness instead of the full topic of fitness. Like you choose bodybuilding for men’s 20 – 30.

So, make your niche super-specific.

  1. Choose a perfect niche
  2. Make it specific
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. Definitely choose the best web hosting company to host your website
  5. Choose a fresh and fast-loading WordPress theme
  6. Choose a brandable domain (avoid keyword domain)

[note: the hosting is super important if you choose a bad hosting it will hurt your SEO, probably it will destroy all of your efforts, so, choose the best one. And the theme is important too. Always avoid heavy themes, it’s loading slow and your visitors bounce from your website. And google AI just take down your website.]

After Starting your blog:

So, if you start perfectly your blog, now do the keyword research perfectly and start creating content. Please avoid creating too many valueless contents, it will hurt your SEO to increase trust flow.

Instead, create quality content with in-depth information. Look, funny,short-form and generic contents no more working these days. People read the short, funny post on social media to entertain themselves.

But when someone searches on google and going to read blogs, that means they would love to educate. They need something in in-depth.

They’re looking for proper information. So, make your website content in-depth.

So, people get helps and will get more visits.

  1. Choose the perfect keywords
  2. Always choose the easy keywords (low competition)
  3. Create in-depth contents
  4. Write for human but also try long-content
  5. Put schema in your website
  6. Use multimedia (images,videos,podcast)
  7. Treat your website/blog as your business (take it seriously)
  8. Keep helping people and be patient

If you follow the above tips, while you’re blogging, now you should think about traffic.

Actually, if you do those all things properly, you will see a decent number of organic traffic already increasing. So, now you just need to spend some extra effort to make it 10X – 20X extra traffic monthly.

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How do you increase your blog traffic?

I already explained the basics of starting a blog to increase organic traffic. Now I’m going to explain how too increase your blog traffic.

The mystery of traffic generation is, problem-solving. Yes, but how?

Here’s that:

When you’re working on a niche means, you’re an expert on that topic. So, there are plenty of people searching for that topic, which means they need help.

You already have decent knowledge about that topic to provide information right? So, they have problems, and you have solutions = traffic generation.

How does it work?

Analyze your audience, who the target audience and where they’re spending time.

If your niche is b2b then choose LinkedIn or if you’re working on fashion, fitness, travel then choose Instagram.

I think you understand what I wanted to explain.

Do, proper audience research, analyze their profiles, their lifestyle, and their interest. Identify which platform is best to help them.

And then start working on that platform. Don’t suck on all the platforms.

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The best platform is youtube,facebook,LinkedIn,Reddit,Instagram,Quora etc.

Choose one or two platforms to help your target audience.

Say, you’ have chosen the youtube and quora. What’s next?

Now, start creating informative videos on youtube and start answering questions on quora. So, you will grab a lot of attention from your target audience then recommend them to visit your blog.

Always, create problems solving content to get maximum response from your audience.

A pro tip:

As a blogger, always build your connection with other bloggers so, you could offer content to them and ask for a backlink. It’s working fantastic. So, you’re creating awesome content, helping people on content sharing platforms (quora, youtube, Linkedin, etc), and growing your personal network. At a time you will see a massive improvement.

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