How Do You Start Your Freelance Career

How Do You Start Your Freelance Career

Nowadays it’s a trendy topic. Everyone wanted to know how to start freelancing as a career. This blog is all about how do you start your freelance career.

A few days ago, a friend of mine, said me, he’s worry about his career and during this pandemic, he really needs something to maintain his living cost.

Because his study is totally off and there’s no job suitable for him at this moment.

I can feel that pain if you really suffering something like that. So, I preferred him to start freelancing.

When it comes to making money online, even when you’re at your home and you need just a computer and an internet connection.

Making money online isn’t easy, but however, freelancing is easy than any other job online.

So, if you’re searching for “How to start freelancing” this article is for you.

Can you do freelancing with a little skill or no skill?

Yes, if you have very little experience in any field you can start making money as a freelancer. Though you know, you just have to know what to do.

When you’re reading this blog, I think you know how to communicate on the internet, how to use a computer, how to use social media, and how to follow someone’s directions.

If yes, then you’re completely ready to start your career as a freelancer.

Many people saying it’s so hard to get jobs, there’s a lot of competition, etc. But believe me, it’s not so hard.

I agree there’s a lot of competition, but it’s a positive thing. Because when something people feel is hard many people are just afraid and don’t do that.

That’s an opportunity for those people whos ready to work hard.

What should you do to start your freelance career if you have a very basic skill or no skill ?

Start freelancing with little experience and no experience:

Virtual Assistance: Yes, if you have little experience or no experience in any field you can do virtual assistance job. Because most of the virtual assistance job is unique. A company will hire you to do whats their needs.

When they hire you, they will provide you all the directions to follow. So, you don’t need any experience. Just follow their direction and work on their task that’s it.

Data Entry: Data entry is something like virtual assistance. You don’t need a ton of experience. Just go to youtube and watch some videos on it. You’re completely ready to start working as a freelancer.

Social media management: You already managing your own social media right? that means you can manage social media for a company too. The difference is that you have to maintain things a little bit more carefully and professionally.

It’s still easy, sometimes companies providing their images, you have to write captions. You can still research their industry to perform well at the same time when you’re managing their social channels.

This is how I started my freelancing journey.

Start Your Freelancing Career as a Full-time Work

If you’re thinking more seriously and if you’re planning for a future goal. Then you have to think more seriously and build a strong skill in an established field.

For that, do some research, find your passion, and set up your goal.

My advice is, only choose a single topic and try to be a master in it. If you love programming then you should start learning code. But still, you can narrow down your niche.

Say, you can just focus on WordPress or Shopify developer. You can start learning local SEO.

Still, you can more narrow down your niche like you can start to practice local SEO for restaurants, logo designing for realtors, or something like that.

Best freelancing skills in 2021 recommended by Upwork.

How Do You Start Your Freelance Career

When you have selected a particular skill that you wanted to sell. Now time to start your freelance career.

Join Marketplaces: Marketplaces are the best for the beginner. There are lots of jobs posting on Upwork every day. Not only Upwork there are a lot more marketplaces to find freelance jobs.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour
  • Toptal
  • Legiit
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

There are many more marketplaces that exist on the internet. Millions of freelancers working every day. So as a newbie, start with one or two marketplaces and start your freelance career.


  • There are a lot of works
  • Easy to get noticed by clients
  • Payment secured


  • High competition
  • 10% – 20% marketplace commission


Social Media: Social media is a great tool if you know how to use it. All the people using social media right? That means your clients too. So, if you know where they spending their time and sharing their problems, you can easily catch them up.

Let’s say, you’re in the B2B type of industry, then go for LinkedIn and find a lot of clients. It’s not easy though, you have to spend time, make conversation, talk about your goals, create regular posts to get noticed, tell that you can solve their problems, and grow your connections.

After a while, you will start getting responses from your ideal clients.


  • There are lots of clients
  • No commissions of services
  • Everything is in your control


  • Hard to get noticed
  • Very time consuming

Youtube Channel: Video marketing is a best idea than anything. People love video content. If you make informative videos by solving your client’s problems, you will easily get noticed by a lot of clients. Youtube is the 2nd largest platform after Google


  • Your content your property
  • No one can easly compete you
  • It represent your business more professional


  • You need the skill to talk on the camera
  • If the quality is low, nobody cares

Website: I always recommend having a website. This is better than anything. A website is representing your business seriously than anyone. It gives you real value and your clients think this is a professional place. You can charge higher than those freelancers who work in the marketplace.

Starting a website is very simple and costs like a coffee. Just pick a domain and hosting from Namecheap. And choose a lightweight theme from ThemeForest.

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  • Easy to management
  • A website is your own property
  • Monetize with multiple ways
  • It looks more professional


  • Its taking some cost

Final Words:

Always remember consistency is the key to success. So don’t be hurry, do your research, do the proper practice. Only practice can make you perfect. 

Be patient and keep helping people with your knowledge. There’s nothing to stop you. Do you have more questions? Comment below.