How I Made $1000 within 24 Hours

How I Made $1000 within 24 Hours
How I Made $1000 within 24 Hours

This is my personal story. I’m a professional freelancer, rather I would love to introduce myself as an independent freelancer though. I’m working with clients all over the world.

I started my journey in 2013 but I professionally working as a freelancer since 2017.

Today I’m gonna share a personal story that might inspire the new people in the freelancing world.

I have my team with 15 + active member and I’m making a decent number or salary per month. But today I’m going to share a short story that how I made $1000 within 24 hours.

My last week payout (I have many more in other methods, this is just one some of them)

How I Made $1000 within 24 Hours

Actually, I got around $1800 the same day. But here’s how I got $1000 from a single client and within 24 hours.

It was the last week I cannot remember the date, a client texted me on messenger. (most of the clients contact me through Facebook).

And she asked I saw you’re sharing posts on the groups, and I have checked your service details. I need some guest posts.

I asked her, how many she said 30. That means $600 worth. I’m selling guest posting service $20 per links (I have a lot of blogging connections though).

I said, ok we can start. I didnt even asked her for the payment. Then I start working. Whatever the size or orders, I can prepare within 24 hours because I have my team and a lot of connection who ready to work as quick as I demand.

So, we started working on the 30 content creation and posting on the related sites. Still I didnt delivered, a few hours later she came back and asked me for more 20 links thats actually $400 worth.

Note: if you are working with direct clients, I prefer please take the payment upfront.

So, again we took the details and start working. I took almost 24 hours to deliver almost 50 links though.

It was friday, and she said me she can review and release the payment by monday. I said okay.

After that she came to me monday and gave me $500. And confrimed me if all the links are ok then she will pay the 2nd half as $500.

After 2 days she came to me and paid the rest of $500 and asked me for some revision.

I said how I made $1000 within 24 hours because I took the order and delivered within 24 hours, just we wait for the approval and it took a total of 5 days to payment clearance though.

What’s the Strategy I following to get clients?

Actually, I was a full-time Fiverr guy. I only work on Fiverr when I started my career. But I felt there’s no real freedom. So quit and start working with direct clients.

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If you are really want to be an independent freelancer like mine start making connection on the social networks and share knowlge with targeted peoples.

Here’s my another article how to get clients from social media.

What’s the exact strategy I follow To gain clients?

I hate to bid on the jobs on marketplaces and giving 20% 30% commission to them. Still, I have my active accounts on Upwork, Fiverr, and legit though I don’t very active on those platforms.

I mostly reading blogs, applying and practicing my own strategy and sharing knowledge with related peoples who need helps.

What platform do I use to share knowledge?

I only use Facebook groups, Linkedin and Quora thats it.

Still, there’s a lot of social networks but you shouldn’t try all instead of 1 or 2 major platform which is better for targeting your audience.

So, every day, I seeking for problems. If someone asking a question on the groups or quora I just start writing an informational answer. I keep my job and don’t worrying about clients.

Every day I met new peoples and most of them wanted to start a business with me. So, this is why I quite the marketplaces and love to work with direct customers.

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