How I Made $10,000 On Fiverr Less Than 1 Year?

How I Made $10,000 On Fiverr?

What’s the Key Point we should discuss?

  • What Is Fiverr
  • My Journey to Fiverr
  • How I made much more than $10k in less than one year
  • What’re the suggestions for newbie

I am a fulltime freelance digital marketer. Working with worldwide clients. As a part-time, I use Fiverr and more others marketplaces though.

Once a time I was a full-time Fiverr guy but nowadays day I just use them for part-time and never recommend to use a marketplace such as Fiverr for full-time.

Now I am going to share all of my experience with Fiverr. So, please keep reading and complete the full blog.

What Is Fiverr?

This is for them, who don’t even know what is Fiverr.

So, Fiverr is an online marketplace. There you can sell your skills whatever you have. And the other words, it’s a place that connects buyer and sellers. As an example, suppose, you need a logo for your website. Now you can search on Fiverr for a freelancer to make a logo for your website.

That means you’re a buyer on Fiverr. And another example, suppose you are a freelancer (seller) and you have a decent skill on logo design. So, you can list your gig/service on Fiverr and buyer who needs a logo, will contact you to work on their project.

Hope you understand what is Fiverr. So, you can join Fiverr from here.

My Journey To Fiverr

This is when I started my journey on Fiverr. And how about the experience.

It was end of 2017. Before (2014 – 2017) I was working with many data entry, survey, clicksence and many others I cannot remember. But once a day, I got a blog, there I read a post just like today, you’re reading my blog.

I learned about “what is Fiverr and how to work on there”. Then I just created a profile. After a few days, I listed my gigs. I didn’t have had any idea what’s going on.

A few days later I started getting messages from buyers. I was very excited as you know about the feelings if you’re a new seller.

And more after some days, I started work for them. I was started with the services as social media marketing and then SEO.

And within a few days, I got my level 1 and then level 2. Everything was going as well. 2018 September my id was disabled. I made around $6000 on that profile.

It was breaking me when I got banned from there. Really I cannot explain the situation because I didn’t have much better knowledge about other marketplaces or any other potential platforms that gives you money.

So, after that case, I realized a lesson. I will share the lesson what I achieved at the end of this blog. Also, I will share what you need to do as a freelancer.

So, then I spend more time in myself to self-development. You know what! The best investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself is much better than any other investment in the world.

How I Made $10,000 From Fiverr Less Than 1 Year.

Here I am going to share How I made $10,000 from a single Fiverr profile even less than 12 months. I could make more than $30k.

How I made $10k from Fiverr? Let’s explain. $10k is not a big amount in a year for a pro. But its definitely a decent amount for a newbie as a part-time job.

So, it was starting of 2019 January. After I got banned in 2018 September I created another profile end of November 2018.

So, I started getting orders from January 2019. So, this time when I restart my Fiverr profile I was not as like as was before.

So, I joined multiple marketplaces and learned how to get clients directly without a marketplace. That’s why I was no longer a fulltime Fiverr guy.

When I started work on other marketplaces and a lot of direct clients then ultimately Fiverr comes as a part-time place.

I am pretty sure I could make $30k even more but never I recommend anyone to spend all effort on Fiverr anymore.

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There’s no doubt, Fiverr is the best marketplace whether you can get a lot of opportunities. But to be honest, I will explain why I cannot recommend, just keep reading.

So, got a lot of orders and simply made the amount as you see the screenshot. Nowadays, I am super busy with my personal/direct clients that’s why really I cannot spend time on Fiverr/Upwork or other marketplaces.

How I Made $10,000 On Fiverr Less Than 1 Year?

So, what’s the magic I Made $10,000 On Fiverr Less Than 1 Year? Even while I’m not working on Fiverr as a fulltime. The answer is, there’s no magic to make that in Fiverr though. Just you have to follow some tricks to get that.

Personally, I spend a lot of time to discover whats the hacks that following some sellers and getting a lot of orders in queue. I analyzed a lot of gigs and researched more about marketing.

And got the solutions and some tricks that could help you a lot.

Some Tricks for improving your sales I was applied:

  • Active on Fiverr as much as you can. (please don’t use any software)
  • Use SEO friendly title (short form)
  • Use images with very clear, fresh colourful and less text (well optimized
  • Use long description and use the focus keyword as much as you can on your gig description
  • Use Frequently ask and questions option as much as you can
  • When a buyer leaves a review then you have to reply to them. And whether you’re replying use the focus keyword on that.
  • Send buyer request daily

Note: Active on Fiverr and responded very quickly to your buyer. And the main game is on the image. Yes, a buyer will knock you or not its depend on your gig images. Many sellers don’t care about images even they’re using copy images which is very dangerous. So, again I would like to repeat use images fresh, clear, colourful and less text on the image.

I made $10,000 from fiverr

Look at the images. So, use images like that. Eye-catching, colourful and less text. Hope you understand.

So, this is my simple and very easy tips for a newbie. And yes, this is very formal and there’s no rocket science though. I just applied these simple tricks and got that.

I Made $10,000 From Fiverr

I Made $10,000 From Fiverr Less Than 1 Year and I have some advice for newbie

Here’s I am going to share the lesson what I achieved and why I am taking this as part-time. So, you will have some guideline here for sure.

I know you all do not agree to me but to be honest I got the lesson when my ID was banned. Honestly, I didn’t have such fault to get banned. But, somehow one day I got banned from Fiverr and I lost everything though. I cannot explain the situation of mine.

That’s why I realized, of I could spend all of my effort to build my personal clients I didn’t have had to face this problem today.

Then I started researching the methods to get direct clients and I succeed. I’m getting a lot of clients from Facebook and LinkedIn though. I do, marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn strategically and getting clients and all of them are my regular now.

There’s no restrictions or no rules, I feel now the freedom of life rather than a marketplace freelancer. I am not blaming the marketplace though. Just trying to explain my experience and the benefit of self-development as well.

So, if you’re spending your full time on Fiverr, then you will get a lot of orders which is good. And you will be with very busy delivering and responding to your buyers. Then you will be involved more and more.

And then, however, mistakenly if your ID banned you will lose all of your efforts, all of your achievements at all. I saw many sellers made bigger than me and broke their dreams and achievements within a few seconds.

So, my question is, if you spend all the efforts on your self-development and work with direct clients and even though making your personal portfolio rather than Fiverr, what’s the problem with that?

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This is why I have a lot of direct clients now and I am working on the Fiverr and such marketplaces as part-time. So, anytime they can be disabled my profile I don’t care.


I have tried to explain my Fiverr journey, experience and some advice for a newbie. If you have any questions about Fiverr and any topic of freelancing you can ask. Do you have any suggestions or opinion? please leave a comment. Thanks for reading