How I Make Over $5000 Per Month Online?

I Make Over $5000 Per Month Online?
I Make Over $5000 Per Month Online?

Yeah, you read this right! Currently, I’m making over $5000+ per month even $6000 – $7000+. I’m going to show everything and my top 5 rules in this article.

Before I dive deeper, I wanted to explain something though.

It’s not a quick scheme or overnight success. Please avoid who you looking for an overnight system to make decent money from online.

I’m going to share my personal experience and how I’m making $5000+ per month. I follow 5 rules to increase my earning, I will share those too. Read the whole article.

At a time , I was only working on Fiverr and made $1000 – $1500 per month. And suddenly I got banned from fiverr.

That’s made me shocked. Anyway, I quite marketplaces and start researching how to make at least $1000 dollars per month.

I cannot explain easily how I worked hard in that challenging situation, but did.

So lets to the point:

How I Make $5000+ Per Month Online?

First Im going to add some questions and answers, after that I will share my top 5 rules to double my income.

Q1. How you make $5000 or more per month ?

Im a freelancer and providing local SEO services to my clients.

Q2. How many years are you doing this ?

I started on 2013 , researching how to make money online and really, after 2016 I started make real money.

Q3. Are you making $5000 since 2016 when you started ?

Not really, I started with a few hundred bucks and even though I made maximum $1000. And I struggled a lot.

Q4. When You started Making $5000 per month ?

The last year 2020, I sometimes I made approx. $5000 or average $2500 – $3500. And starting in 2021, I’m making continually $5000 even $6k or $7k + per month.

And my 2nd target is $10k per month.

Q5. Are you working on multiple things ? Or what’s your niche ?

I’m not working on multiple things even though I never suggest to anyone to do multiple things at the same time. So, I do only local SEO for clients. I have my packages and services, clients hiring me as a freelancer.

Q6. How You continuously making $5000 or more per month now ?

Yeah, after a lot of struggle, I discover 5 rules that I follow strictly to increase my regular income. That helps me to increase my monthly income. That I shared below.

Upwork Earning Certificate – Abd Raaz

This is my Upwork earning a certificate of last 12 months. Yes, it’s not showing $60,000 for the last 12 months because I already said that my earning wasn’t consistent with $5000 in 2020, that’s why it’s showing $42000 here.

And Im receiving my 90% income through Upwork direct contract. So, I have more options to receive funds from my clients. I use Payoneer and Xoom too.

But at least I could proof that I’m making over $5000+ per month in 2021.

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My 5 Secret Rules to Make $5000+ Per Month By Freelancing


Teamwork is dreamwork. I know many people. bidding/applying jobs on Fiver and Upwork. When they get 1 job, they spend all day completing the job successfully. But if you wanted to double your income, you have to save your time.

There are only 24 hours a day. And you cannot increase the time more than 24 hours. We are human we havew more things to do. We have life and we have family.

That means you can only save your time though. Time makes you more money. The more time you save meaning is more chances to increase your $$.

Because time is money. I would rather say, time is more than money.

Now, how you would save your time? well, train some people who need jobs. Say you’re a local SEO expert, now train some newbies 1 or 2 guy is enough for the 1st time.

When you get a job, pass that to the team. Now you save your time and you dont have to spend all the day on a single job. The team members will take care and you should apply another job to get a new one.

This way you can multiply and increase your team members and number of jobs.

Regular Client:

Try to get some agency or company clients. I’m not sure what kind of skills you have but just follow the principles. Some clients just coming and placing and order and some are placing regular orders right ?

If you are working as a freelancer probably you have experience on both clients of clients. So, if someone ordering you regular basis, try to keep them as long as you can. If you achieve one client that good fit with you, there’s a lot of potential.

I have some clients giving me thousands of dollars per month and years after years.

So this is huge potential. That’s why try to achieve some regular clients. Regular clients also will refer you to many other clients too. I got a lot of referring clients from my regular clients though.

Multiple Marketplace

Many of skilled people stick on a single marketplace profile, like Fiverr or Upwork or People Per Hour. So now try to be active on atleast 2 marketplaces. I have 2 active account on upwork and Fiverr. Though Im not working on any marketplaces regularly, because my 90% clients are direct. And I just using Upwork’s direct contract to getting paid.

I don’t use marketplaces regularly. But why I prefer 2 marketplace accounts? Because if you currently working on a marketplace and wanted to work with direct clients, I don’t recommend you to quiet marketplaces. Because you have to learn a lot of things to get clients directly.

So for now if you have one profile, try to be active on atleast 2 marketplaces to get maximum results though.

I prefer Fiverr and Upwork.

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Direct Clients

So if you’re making a decent $$ on marketplace. now is the time to dig more on outside though. You see my screenshot this month I withdrawal $5900+ from Upwork direct contract alone. I got more $700/$800 on payoneer and xoom.

Its nearly $8000 dollar right ? Its 90% came from outside/direct clients though.

Yes, I have a lot of clients all from outside of marketplaces. There are many ways to get clients directly.

You can also read this article How to get SEO Clients From Social Media

I will share more information about this topic, if you have any questions just comment below.

Package Service

When you’re working as a freelancer don’t just apply for the job and spend a lot of time setting up things with clients. Rather you would just create packages with items that you gonna offer. When a client interested to talk, show them your package template. It will save you and your client valuable time.

The best way is create a simple website and showcase your services. It will represent you more seriously and believe me sales will convert dramatically.

A marketplace profile represents you as a seller and a website represents you as a company. A company is more valuable than just a seller.

I m making the amount when I started providing services through my website. So I highly recommend you to start a website today and run the business your own.

I hope you understand.

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Final Words:

There are many ways to make money online. But my advice is to please strict on one that you feel comfortable with. I follow the 5 rules strictly and increasing my earnings day by day. But again I would suggest create your own website and try to find direct clients. It will give you real freedom.