How to Drive Targeted Traffic ?

How to drive targeted traffic for website,  affiliate, youtube, landing page or direct sales.

I know your struggle and I know you always search on google, youtube, yahoo, Bing only a keyword “How to get organic traffic” right ?? If yes so you can follow this post. 

Today I am going to talking about website traffic. How to drive targeted traffic and how to increase your sales as well.

Let’s Explain How to Drive Targeted Traffic

So, if you have a website but don’t have much visitors doesn’t make sense. So, you don’t have the audience you have no traffic, no traffic no visits and no visits no sales and no sales means no happiness.

In order to drive targeted traffic to your website as well as you have to learn the successful way of marketing.

First of all, focus on your content! what are you telling your audience? And how valuable your words and that will make sense or not.

So, create the content very valuable. Its first point of success. Still, you have content very well but you have less audience? Now go for the 2nd step.

What is 2ns step? Yeah! That’s the marketing strategy.I have another blog about a complete marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy get traffic to your website

Please read this blog and learn about the stratgy how to set up and run a successful strategy as well.

How to Drive Targeted Traffic

Okay so, Let’s learn how to drive targeted traffic. There are many ways to drive targeted traffic and increase more sales. But you cant follow the all methods or strategy to gain traffic.

You have to select a few specific methods and keep continue on a regular basis. Below I am discussing some of the methods of how to boost your audience as well.

Join Public Forum

The public forum is a powerful way to increase audience and sales. You have to very active on the forum and keep helping people with very honestly and trusted information. 

And have a chance to drop your links. Keep in mind never spamming there at all. When you achieve the trust of people believe me you will see the power of communities and give me a bigger thanks.

Again I repeat don’t spam anywhere anymore just stay with valuable information and see the results.

There’s I mentioned some of the best public Forum that you can join and share your thoughts as well as and grow your audience.


Yes, you have unlimited opportunities on Facebook. Facebook is the number #1 social media and the largest platform. There are 22 billion monthly visits and number #3 global rank no. #2 USA rank and no. #1 category rank in the world.

So, you can use Facebook as your number 1 traffic source as well. There are many ways to drive traffic from facebook.I have another blog about facebook marketing How to get traffic from Facebook for free. Please read that and learn more about Facebook marketing for free.


Youtube is the biggest and world 2nd platform after Google. There are 24 billion+ monthly visits and no. #2 world rank and no. #1 category ranking in the world. 

There is no strategy needed if you are on youtube. Just create content which makes sense. Create content with actual information about what people are really looking for and drop your link on the description as well. 

You can generate your targeted traffic or direct sales from youtube as well.


Linkedin is a powerful business community. In order to grow your targeted audiecne, LinkedIn can be one of the marketing methods. There are 1 billion+ monthly visits and 28 global rankings 25 USA rank and no #8 category rank (source:- similarweb).

So, you can easily target your audience on LinkedIn and convert them to your website as well.

How to drive traffic from LinkedIn?

Very simple way follow and increase your targeted audience. Maintain regularity and keep continue marketing on LinkedIn.
Follow these few steps and grow your LinkedIn audience.

  • Create daily content
  • Post infographic, quotes, and help posts
  • Join related groups
  • Answer the people’s post
  • Help them with informative information
  • Create the content on the group
  • Be active up to date
  • Connect with related peoples
  • Be helpful and don’t spam

Honestly, if you follow these simple steps and keep continue to, believe me, you will gain the 100% targeted and powerful audience which really makes sense.


Reddit is the biggest social media and very powerful network. There are 22 billion monthly visits and no.3 global rank in the world. So,you can start Reddit marketing to capture your targeted audience as well. I have another blog about the complete Reddit guide. How to get traffic from Reddit. Read the blog and learn more about Reddit.
You have to join subreddit and make your post and answer and increasing karma. If you follow their rules and able to increase your karma you can gain a huge of traffic from Reddit.


You know there are 250 million active users monthly and 125 million+ from the USA. There are 175 billion+ pins,3 billion+ boards and 50% around in the world.

And the most amazing matter that daily 2 million+ users are shopping from Pinterest. That means it’s like a marketplace too. If you want then you can drive real and targeted audience form Pinterest as well. 

I also use some special tricks for my worldwide clients. I have completed over 300+ jobs for my worldwide clients. There are some videos I have mention below for free. 

You can follow the videos and drive your targeted traffic from Pinterest. Really you can also set up your affiliate store on Pinterest too. 

And no need any website to make sales without a website or paid campaign.

Next article I will teach you how to do all things very easily. And the systems are very natural and no spam or black hat way. 

Be genuinely you can get huge traffic and increase more sales from Pinterest as well. 

There is a lot of traffic source but I just focus some of the best traffic sources as well. If you got the article was helpful for you please share this with your friends. Thanks for reading.Cheers.

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