How to Drive Traffic To Your Freelance Service Website?

How to get traffic to your freelance service website?

Well, got questions like how to get massive traffic to my freelance service website? so the answer is you cant get huge traffic on your freelance service website.


Because the marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, etc spend millions of dollars to acquire all the freelance service-related traffic to their website.

Checkout the details here

(This is the  only report from Upwork, so just think about the other marketplaces though)

That’s why as an individual freelancer, you really can’t compete with them.

Next, when I searched on Google on how to get visitors to the freelance service-related websites?

Seriously I got some article that really have no value for beginners.


Influence Your Influencers,Ruffle Some Feathers. Write About Something Controversial, Become a Guest Author,Be Interesting and Get Interviewed, Create Specific Landing Pages for Your Visitors etc strategy.

I dont think a newbie freelancer would do any of these either. Because a new freelancer need a lot of homework to aqruie the clients and run their business as well.

So, I already cleared that you cant generate huge visitors to your freelance service related website.

But Im going to tell you some very simple and useful strategy that might help you to get massive sales. Yes I dont say traffic instead Im saying that you will get tons of sales that makes you $ more than that you expected.

Lets breakdown:

How to Get Traffic to Your Freelance Service Website?

First of all, you need to understand, do you really need huge traffic to your freelance service website ?

I think no.

As a professional freelancer,  I feel like a freelancer need just to sell their services as much as possible.

To sell your services and make revenue you dont need a ton of traffic to visit your website.

I know most of the freelancers are working on the marketplaces. So this post might help them too to acquire more visitors/clients to their freelance profile.

Such as fiverr,Upwork,Legiit etc.

Finally, you dont need  a lot of traffic to sell services. You just need highly targeted people to visit your website that migh have an interest in your service.

This is how to get more traffic/clients to your freelance service website or marketplace profile

1.Choose one or two main social media as a networking platform. Remember only one or two is more than enough.

It could be facebook and reddit, it could be linkedIn and Quora etc however you feel good or you know where’s your clients spemnding their time.

2. Connect with them every day. Don’t inbox them. I highly recommend you to don’t inbox them or cold outreach. Cold outreach on social media isn’t a good idea for newbies. It’s extremely boring and people just don’t like to receive messages from unknown people. Even a lot of people doing the same thing these days.

I heard from one of my clients, he got around 200 messages per day from all these unknown people and he just ignored them and never reply any msg.

Hence, don’t waste your time by sending personal messages.

3. Go deeper with your service topic and share facts on your social media. You will find tons of questions on the related community Reddit, quora, youtube comment section, and online forums. So note those comments and start talking about them.

Find the problems and solve them your way and create posts on your social media. Video posting or going live every day would be a great idea.

Don’t need anything, just go deeper, find problems, and talk about them.

4. If you have a few clients or already you delivered some orders successfully, you can even show off that. Explain how was the experience,  how you helped them, how you delighted them and finally how about the client’s feedback. Everything shared on your social feed.

Look at this live example:

This way, your connections will start noticing you. I know your are not getting likes. comments etc but they still watching you believe me.

5. The important thing is that you have to be really good at whatever you do. So are you confident about your skills and your services? If yes then you could easily attract people to you.

How useful are the tips to drive traffic to your freelance service website?

I shared the tips from my personal experience though. I didn’t share anything that I just think about that or I just read that somewhere.

You know I’m making $10,000+ per month by selling my services only. So I don’t do anything extra but those I explained above.

Below is the screenshot of the current months: (still i will get more $2000+ this month)

This is the last month’s payment I already received from Upwork direct contract ($7980) I’m using Upwork direct contract to receive most of my payments as well as I’m using Xoom, world remit, western union, Payoneer, etc platforms.

This an active contract i received today

This is $500 I collected from xoom

 More $380 I received from the Western union, but unfortunately, I didn’t received any email or msg.

More $500 I will receive tomorrow.

Now calculate, its more than $10,000 USD this month.

Last year, I made around $85k dollar by selling my services only. And from the beginning of this current year Im making over $10,000 per month an everage.

How Powerful is knowledge sharing? Is it really help to attract target customers?

Yes,  Look the profile.

I saw many Quora profiles that has ton of answers given but cant attract even 30k visits per month. Here until today I just have written 283 answers and getting visits 100k+ per month.

You know, its not the quantity, its all about the quality and how you represent yourself in front of your target audience though.

So, whatever you doing, go deeper and start talking about it. Solve the real problems and help the community. You dont have to look back again.

You don’t have to search for clients/visitors to buy your services though.

People will come to you and find you.