How To Find The Right SEO Company [4 Steps Only]

hire the right SEO company
How To Find The Right SEO Company

It’s not so hard to find the right SEO company. If you have a good budget, also you can find a good company/specialist to hire.

A short story of mine:

I met a client from Los Angeles, they hired me for their e-commerce store. That’s a local and very simple website with 16/17 products.

So, they build their website and google my business profile and I started working on that. I didn’t promise to rank number 1 for all keywords. I told them, I will work and keep you in updated and from the first month, you will see the improvements. I cannot promise for any keywords in top position at this moment. Because SEO takes time though.

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After that, I worked for 3 months and showed them improvements in every single month as well as from the 1st month.

After 3 months we got ranked for 10/12 keywords in the top position and google snap pack. They started getting a lot of visits from the local customers and more phone calls than before.

The contract I started with $200/month and now they’re paying $500/month.

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Because I added value and delivered more than I promised. Now they have no issues to increase my charge from their revenue.

This is one of the little stories from a lot of stories of mine.

So, when you’re hiring, ask them about their previous works history/case studies etc. If they have a good portfolio, you can just try for a month to see the movements. Though, you cannot expect any overnight success at the first month, because one month is nothing for SEO. But you will see some movements from the 1st month as an indicator.

So, you can just continue by depending on the first month’s value. Also, I run my agency and always ready to help.

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4 Steps: How To Find The Right SEO Company

1.Previous Experience

Ask them about their previous experience as well as clients reviews portfolio etc. And what’s the exact strategy they applied to achieve the results though.

2. Check out All The Items:

Check out their strategy properly and figure out if they used any black hat methods or not. This is important to make sure because you won’t want to apply any black hat strategy in your business, which might be a cause of big issues in the future.

3. Compare Them:

To get the best one, compare them with others, and figure out how unique they’re, and also compare their customer reviews with others.

4. Industry Expert

When you’re hiring, also hire someone/company that has experience in the same industry as your business. If you’re a lawyer then hire law firm SEO company/expert.

So, this is the simple 4 steps to Find The Right SEO Company.

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