How To Get Clients For Dog Walking [ 6 Solid Tips]

How To Get Clients For Dog Walking
How To Get Clients For Dog Walking

Are you looking for clients for dog walking? This article is the perfect solution for you to get clients for dog walking. I have 6 solid strategies to find clients for dog walking.

Any business, if you are passionate about then it’s the better idea to continue that. If you’re a true dog lover and would love to spend time with dogs, I think, people will ultimately believe you.

Someone hire you to walk their dog it means they trust you, so, you have to represent yourself that way they believe.

6 Solid Tips To Get Clients For Dog Walking

USE Google

Yes, I google is the ultimate solution for any business, when it comes to generating customers/clients. Everyone using google to search for their needs. You know, 88% of the users searching from their mobile and 46% are seeking local information though.

So, its very easy to understand, that people probably searching for dog walking on Google.

I just wrote “looking for dog walker”

And see the screenshot

These all are LSI keywords that people using to find information from Google. If you search more relevant keywords you will discover more relevant keywords though.

If you only target them who searching on google, you will probably get a lot of clients though.

How to use Google properly to get local clients ?

Its simple:

  • Create a Google My business profile
  • Setup the profile with all information as required (name, address, phone number)
  • Create a simple website/blog (its a very little cost $30 domain + hosting)
  • Create regular posts on the GMB
  • Upload some photos in the GMB
  • When you write posts on the GMB, try to use the keywords that Google suggest

If you follow this basic instruction, your GMB listing will appear in your local area and people who use those keywords to find someone for their dog, they will probably find you on top google search and contact you.

If you need more help about local search or setup your GMB profile, you can personally contact me. I would love to help.


As I mentioned, you can create a simple blog/website to help your target audience. The more you help your target audience might help you to attract them to hire you or purchase your services.

So, create a blog or website and write some information that helps people. Also, mind it, when you write a blog post, you should use those keywords people using on google to searching for information.

As for keyword research, just watch some YouTube videos to get some idea.


Instagram is another fantastic place to find your ideal clients for dog walking. There are 500 millions daily active users and 112 millions monthly active users alone from USA.

You will find a lot of people posting their dogs photos as well. Follow them, comment their posts, and telll something good about their dogs.

At the same time, optimize your Instagram profile, so when someone visit your profile they can easily understand you are the right person for dog walking.

So, follow related people, and share information with them and grow your connection on Instagram. It will help you a lot.


As we all know, how powerful is Facebook. Everyone using Facebook. People now more serious about Facebook though. There are a lot of groups you can find the exact ideal people in a community. So, you can start a page by your business name (relevant to the dog walking) and invite people to follow your page.

And share informative fatcs about dogs. Join the related groups and make connection with dog owners.

At a time you will see a lot of target audiences following you on Facebook, They trust you and your advice. So, they let their dog with you and feel safe. This way you can find a lot of clients for dog walking.

Also there’s a tool called Simple Social Tools will help you to grow your Facebook audience.


Pinterest alone is a search engine. There are 98 millions of people using Pinterest in United States. And its almost 46% increased than previous years and its still increasing day by day.

A lot of people making their purchasing decision from Pinterest.

So, its another awesome place to find your ideal clients. Just use canva and create the right format of image and post on the Pinterest. You dont have to create any paid ads, consistency is the key.

Local Dog Events

Join the local dog events and connect more targeted people. Tell them about your blog, social profiles to follow you. Once you met them directly its better than any virtual contact. If they starts follow you on the social media, it might help you to convince them.

Final Words

So, this is my 6 ultimate tips for you to get clients for dog walking. If you find these information helpful, leave a comment. Do you have more questions ?