How To Get Pressure Washing Contracts For Free

How To Get Pressure Washing Contracts For Free
How To Get Pressure Washing Contracts For Free

If you’re searching for how to get pressure washing contracts without spending any money on paid ads, this article is for you. I’m going to share some incredible ways to get pressure-washing customers 100% free.

Currently, I’m managing 100+ pressure washing clients, and we are getting bigger month after month. They don’t spend a single penny on any paid ads.

We do all about organic Pressure Washing Marketing. Before I dive deeper, I’m going to show you something.

How You Target Your Pressure Washing Customers?

According to Hubspot, 88% of consumers use local search, and around 46% of people seek local information or their daily needs though.

Is local search paid ? No!

So, this is the game, you can still target these 46% people to drive your company.

Yeah, I know all of them are not looking for pressure washing service, but anyhow a lot of potential clients they’re probably searching for a “Pressure Washing contractor”.

So, we dont need any paid ads or any killer marketing system to target these pressure washing customers though.

Just figure out what’s the keywords using your target audience to searching you.

Pressure washing contractor Google’s keywords suggestions

Look at this, I just put “pressure washing contractor in the search box, and google suggesting all those keywords that users always using to search a contractor or company.

You can make it easier by using ubersuggest (a free keyword research tool). So it will help you to find the less competitive keywords to target.

So do some keyword research and focus on those keywords in your content.

Now I’m going to break it down how you could dominate your local pressure washing market.

How To Get Pressure Washing Leads Without Spending $$

I’m going to make it as simple as possible. Though it will takes a few minutes to setup a google my business profile.

I hope you already have a website, if you don’t have a website create one.

Now, you have a website, a google my business profile, and keywords.

  1. Add service pages to your website
  2. Add a blog section
  3. Create some blog post for your audience
  4. Focus your keywords on service page, blogs, meta titles, and descriptions
  5. Add your GMB map to your website
  6. Make Sure all the items filled up on the GMB
  7. Create a daily post on your GMB profile
  8. Capture some images rename with keywords and upload them on your GMB
  9. Optimize the GMB minisite
  10. Optimize your GMB service options
  11. Add Frequently Ask and questions on the GMB
  12. Ask for reviews from your happy customers
  13. Respond to the reviews
  14. List your business on the local business listing sites (we provide local listing service here)
  15. Create some brand profile links (we have link building service)
  16. Regular update your Yelp and Facebook page
  17. Stick on the keywords
  18. Monitor your keywords activities

I have a super simple and easy solution to do these all. There are only 3 part of these items.

1.Google my business profile and website setup

2. GMB optimization

3. Website optimization.

The question is, what I need to do and whats the items we exactly need to be optimized right ?

Well, I have create a template that might help you to figure out what’s needed to be done.

First setup your GMB profile and website. After that match my local SEO template with your website and GMB profile.

So, if you follow the template, you can easily figure out what’s needed to be fixed and what’s the missing items are. And you don’t have to spend any $$ to anyone to advertise your pressure washing business. Its totally free.

Please check out this short post How To Do Local SEO Audit

So, did you already noticed that what items in your business needed to be optimized?

Now optimize all the items and keep going on. Also, if you don’t have time to do these all, I’m here and ready to help. As I said, currently we are managing 100+ pressure washing businesses. And we do these all for our clients on a monthly basis.

The clients keep paying us for years, why? Because we bring business to their table and they have no issue to share some percentage from it. Some of my client’s ranking reports here.

Please check out my monthly local SEO service here [ there’s a total 12 month of plan that explaining what we gonna do in the next 12 month with your business]

We charge a very affordable price to maintain the monthly cost.

Final Words

I have explained everything that we doing for 100’s of our clients and they keep paying us for years. You can simply just copy the strategy and apply it yourself. If you see any improvements in the next few weeks please let me know in the comment.

Also, if you need any help to get more pressure washing customers, feel free to contact me and book a 15 minutes free consultation.