How to get SEO Clients From Social Media

How to get SEO Clients

How to Get SEO Clients From Social Media

If you’re a freelance SEO expert and would like to know how to get SEO clients from social media this piece of blog is for you.

If you’re struggling to find clients on the marketplace such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer or so. Today here you will get some new points that might help you to think in a different pattern.

As a fulltime freelancer I know, whats the struggle about a newbie. I’m spending a lot of time on Facebook groups and also seeing the newbies are always struggling with getting new clients.

They’re always seeking new ways to promote their service and getting sales as well. The same way I struggled myself in 2016. But I don’t want you to do the same struggle.

That’s why today, I’m writing about this, how to get SEO clients from social media. Actually, it’s not only for SEO experts, but it will also help you in any skills that you have just take the principle to understand what I’m saying.

I was a full-time Fiverr guy and made decent sales by providing digital marketing services. But really I didn’t feel better, selling in the marketplace.

They have a lot of rules and restrictions. And one day finally I got banned from Fiverr.

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Then I learned the lesson and start researching how to get clients from social media or direct.

Still, nowadays, I’m working on marketplaces lately. But mostly working with direct and social media clients though.

I feel freedom and a real taste of freelancing now.

How to get SEO Clients From Social Media

If you understand the pattern properly, it’s pretty simple and easy to generate leads and convert them into sales. There’s no rocket science but you have to maintain the regularity to get succeed.

So, whats the hacks?

Believe me, there’s no hacks or any tricky strategy. Simply, help people and get sales. Let me explain a little bit in detail.

Steps you have to follow:

  1. Provide specific services
  2. Optimize your Facebook and LinkedIn profile
  3. Join on the related groups and communities
  4. Make your connection with targeted people
  5. Solve their problems with informative information
  6. Create content continuously with attractive images
  7. Be active and quicker
  8. Be honest and helpful

So, first of all, no consideration with skills. You have to be a decent knowledge of your skills with well communication skill though.

Provide specific services

As a newbie don’t get panicked and choose a single and super specific topic to provide services to your clients. Like link building, content writing,on-page optimization, speed optimization, social media marketing, etc.

Optimize your Facebook and LinkedIn profile

In order to promote your self, you have to be a professional. So, optimize your profile such as professional and skilled. You also do some google research on how to optimize a personal profile as a professional.

Join on the related groups and communities

If you’re on Facebook and LinkedIn, then join the related group of your skills. There are a lot more social media but I recommend Facebook and LinkedIn. Because I only work on Facebook and LinkedIn, and if you have any good experience on another social network please comment below about that.

Make your connection with targeted people

This is one of the key points of your success. You have to identify your targeted audience. Who the targeted audience that might be interested to buy your services.

If you’re providing services to real estate agents, make your connection with real estate background peoples.

Solve their problems with informative information

so, if you’re on all the groups and communities and you already have a lot of connection with your targeted customers. Now you will see all of their problems, their questions on your feed right?

Simply, whether you’re getting posts from people who looking for answers, information and help that your golden chance to win them. So, help them to provide information with your skills and convince them.

Bear in mind, never try to sell them directly or offer them on inbox. People don’t like that and offering something through inbox is worse and it will make you frustrated.

So, if a person post on the group to seeking help, you just help them. Your helpful comment will see more people and they will ultimately contact you.

If someone contacts you and telling you about their problems, just try to solve their problems. And you don’t have to be worried about sales. Because you’re done.

Create content continuously with attractive images

Create regular content with quotes, helpful and motivational words, hashtags, and attractive images. Maybe you’re thinking about, why no one reacting on your posts right ?

You’re posting but no one comment on that or even though there are no likes either.

Hey, you’re wrong !! It’s not mean that no one doesn’t notice you. Wheather, you’re posting continuously that always people reading your post but they just scrolling and not reacting. It’s natural.

So, don’t worry about how people react or not. Just keep your work as regular.

Be active and quicker

If someone messages you or comment on your post, make sure you’re responding quickly. It will bring a positive impact on your career.

Be honest and helpful

Always being honest and helpful. Because, if you are able to create emotions you will gain sales. If you’re honest and helpful, you don’t have to be worried about sales.


This strategy I’m following and getting a lot of clients from social media. As you may know, I’m a full-time freelancer. So, I’ve tried to explain how to get SEO clients from social media. And if you have any questions please comment below. Thank for reading.