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How to get traffic from Facebook for free

How to [get traffic from Facebook] for free: Easy way to get traffic to your website for free by using Facebook as well

How to get traffic from Facebook for free:

You have a website and the design is good, you have a website there’s available great quality content! But you don’t have traffic? Doesn’t make sense your website without traffic. So, we need to learn about traffic and we need to learn about marketing.
So, in this article, I am gonna explain details that how we can generate huge of targeted traffic from Facebook and for free.
As for the strategy, first of all, I would like to explain to you about facebook. is an American online social media and social networking service company. It is based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. – [source wikipedia]
Facebook is the number 1 world biggest social media. And around 22 billion active users are available here. Just think about it. You can have all type of audience from here. And huge of opportunity you can achieve from facebook.

Get traffic from Facebook free

There are some ways to generate traffic from Facebook for free. If you can use it properly with your business you can gain success 100%. First of all, create your own profile. Always use your clear and real picture and feel out all the options genuinely as professional.
Don’t use any bulllshit like fake or stolen information. That not make sense for you or you should keek out from facebook. So, create your own profile with real information and add your education and write a description about you.
Once you create a good profile with your name and pictures now you are ready to run. So, make your audience and go ahead. First of all, you need to grow your friend list. Add your friend and family members.
 You can make 5000 friends as well and also create a facebook group and page. And add your friend and family to your group and page. Now you can share your blog post on your timeline, page or groups.
And you can also join the relevant groups and if they are accepting posts from people you can post your blog on those groups. You can’t believe how many traffic convert to your website. You can see groups have millions of member’s and they are most active in those groups.
If you share any of your website posts you will see the magic conversation. Thousands of traffic will visit your website from the relevant groups because all the audiences are already your targeted. And also you can offer the admin with some little money for pin your post for a certain time.
And make daily content on your page and once a time you can see you have a lot of followers on your page. And you can drive millions of traffic from your own page just by publishing posts. And at the first time if you have not a big page you can contact the page owner who has a big page already.
You can offer him for some money and they will publish your post on their page and you will get your targeted traffic. Really you can do best and better on facebook. So, don’t waste your time to start working.

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