How To Get Traffic From Facebook Page For Free

How To Get Traffic From Facebook Page For Free: Increase your facebook page and drive traffic to your website

Get unlimited website traffic from your Facebook page. Yes, it’s true you can drive huge traffic from your facebook page as well. 
But first of all, you have to build a page and the audience. 

Once you created a page and build a targeted audience you can get a lot of benefits from your facebook page as well. You can monetize for video, you can monetize for instant articles and also you can provide sponsored from your page. 

But today we not gonna know all methods. Today I am gonna explain how to get traffic from facebook page to your website.I have more articles about facebook traffic.

So, first of all, create a facebook page relevant to your business and upload a unique photo or logo on the profile image option and also add a  cover image.

For create an image you can use the canva, even if you are not a graphics designer. That is very easy to use and completely free for use. Also, have paid option but you can use as personal purpose as free.

So, after setup the page now you can follow a few steps to increase your audience as well.

1.Set up Schedules
You have to maintain regularity. If you post one and keep stop a long time that is doesn’t exist. So, you have to make a post daily basis or weekly 2,3-time basis. So, make a schedule and post follow the schedules. Per day 1,2 post is recommended to the Facebook algorithm.

2.Valuable Post

Make something valuable which make sense truly. Make post something helpful even you have a funny post you have to make truly funny post otherwise you won’t get engagements from your audience and facebook algorithm will down your page. 

You have to build trust from your audience and it will give you benefits when you will share affiliate products to your website. If you are able to build the trust you can get huge benefits from your traffic.

3. Questions Answered post

Make some posts with questions and try to get answers from your audience. This will help you to get engagements. As like as you can ask “Hey, why you sleep late at night? Do you know how much harm this for your health?” And tell them you will give the answer if anyone comments and ask for know the answer. And next post you can give the answer.

4. Be Responsive

People will dislike your page if you are not responsive. You have to answer all the questions of your audience. And even you have to give them thanks etc even they are not asking you any questions. Reply to their comment as soon as possible. And try to understand what’s expected from you the audience.

5. Post with before after image

Make some post with the before-after image with relevant your post topic. It will increase more engagements.

6. Wish you Audience

Don’t forget special days. Make wish post and give the greeting with a beautiful image and quotes. People love quotes also.

7.Collect Email

Give some free ebooks and put it with your, they will get the ebook and you will have the emails. Now you can use their email to engage them as well.

8.Run voting contest

Make questions and demand vote from your audience. You can add image 1 and 2 and leave a question? Like ” hey guys which one you like” and people will give their reaction and this post will get engagements.

9.Promote the exclusive offers

Promote the exclusive offers for your audience. It’s could be from your website, blog or store or you can offer from marketplaces. Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo, etc relevant to your niche.

10. Promote your page on other platforms

Also, promote your page on other platform and invite the peoples to join  your page.And invite your friend from your friend list and also post on relavent groups to join your page. 
Give a little amount who have already a bit page and publish your page on their page and you will get a lot of followers from there.

So, follow these simple steps and build your audience on the facebook page. Once you build your audience you will get really a huge opportunity from here. Maybe the blog was helpful for you. Thanks for reading.

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