How To Get Traffic From Pinterest [Pinterest Traffic]

How To Get Traffic From Pinterest [Pinterest Traffic] Get Pinterest traffic to apply this strategy

How To Get Traffic From Pinterest:

Pinterest is the biggest platform to get traffic directly to your website. Pinterest is a social media which is very powerful and valuable. Over 120 millions of active users and 720+ million visitors spend their time on Pinterest.

Pinterest has 2 billion monthly idea searches showcasing how much of a powerhouse the platform is. So, there are lots of opportunities as you can accept.

So, today I am gonna tell about it how to get traffic from Pinterest and convert to sell. If you have a website or online store and if you are looking for targeted traffic.

You can focus on Pinterest to get targeted traffic. we always worried about traffic because if we have a website and products but if there’s no traffic doesn’t make sense.

So, first of all, you have to optimize your website or online store as search engine friendly. And after that publish articles or products as in informative and again optimize and make sure your website is SEO friendly.
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So, how to get traffic from Pinterest:

Create a Pinterest profile with your information as your brand or as your self. Claim your website to Pinterest. If you claim your website then Pinterest will show you the details of how many visitors hit or visit your website.

It’s really fantastic stuff and pretty simple and easy to claim your website. Click settings options and get website claim option and put your website and then Pinterest will give you a code.

Simply copy and paste this code to your website header.

So, now write a short description of your business or products else.
And go ahead or start creating content and get traffic. So, how to get traffic from Pinterest right?

After optimizing your Pinterest profile now you have to create some boards relevant to your products. Like if you have a shoe store online you have to create boards just for example as like as best shoes, sports shoes, best selling, new collections etc.

Create daily 1,2 content with colorful and unique images and put some popular hashtags on your post. Get popular hashtags from here

Create Pinterest pins by using canva. Canva is the best tool for creating social media content even you have no skills with graphic design. 

You will have a lot of templates and formate about social media content, simply just pick them out and edit with your brand name.

Its really an awesome tool and have fun to use. I use it an only free version and it’s pretty well.

After that, If you search with your keyword on Pinterest you will have a lot of pins, boards, and peoples. So, save the other peoples pins on your boards and follow the relevant boards. Follow the relevant profiles.

Join the group boards and make the post on the group boards. How to find group boards? Get thousands of group boards relevant to your niche from pingroupie. Pingroupie is a group boards directory.

If you continue this stuff you will get huge of targeted traffic from Pinterest. Follow per day at least 200 relevant profiles and save 200+ other peoples pins on your boards.

You will get unbelievable traffic from Pinterest. See the video

As for shortcut note these points:

  1. Create a Pinterest profile
  2. Claim website
  3. Optimize it  relevant to your products
  4. Create boards
  5. Create daily content
  6. Save other peoples boards
  7. Save the pins which are top on Pinterest search result
  8. Follow relevant profiles
  9. create unique content
  10. Use hashtags with each post
  11. Join group boards and make content to there

So, follow these simple stuff and get unlimited free traffic from Pinterest. So, guys may be the article was helpful for you. So, please comment below and share it with your friends. Cheers

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