How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free

How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free
How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free

I got a question on Quora as “How to get traffic to my blog for free?

And I answered.

There are many ways available to increase traffic to your website but, I liked your question because you’re asking the right question.

If you’re in blogging you must have to identify your targeted audience. Target 100 people who need your products/services instead of millions of audiences who kind of like your products/services.

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So, first of all, choose a perfect niche that you’re interested in. And make sure you don’t feel bore in that niche. If you have no interest in the topic and you don’t have much knowledge about that, it will appear in your writing.

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So, it’s very important to choose a niche that you’re passionate about the particular things/topic.

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After that, now you have to target the audience who need information about the products/services.

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How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free?

How you target them or how you will find them?

It’s not so hard and I would say it’s super easy as my personal experience. I’m working with agencies and affiliate marketers and helping them to generate targeted traffic.

So, you need to target your audience first to start driving the real visitors to your website.

As I said its very simple and super easy. Follow this simple instruction:

  1. Do keyword research from google
  2. Do Facebook and LinkedIn research
  3. Do content marketing

Let’s break it down

How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free?
How to Get Traffic to My Blog For Free?

take a look at the 2 screenshots. 1st one has 20k global search volume that means 20k people searching on the exact keywords per month on google.

But to the point, you don’t need to focus on the keyword that has already “69” keyword difficulty. Already a lot of people competing on this keyword to rank higher on google.

So, take a look at the 2nd screenshot. There I selected keywords idea and filter the keyword difficulty as “0–1” and its showing me only the keyword has good search volume but no competition.

Let’s say “Best router Reddit” is your keyword so, it has 1200 search volume and no competition. That means 1200+ people searching on this keyword but no one competing for this keyword.

So, you should take this for your blog post and the 1200 peoples are your targeted audience.

And make a doc sheet and list such keywords and focus the keywords while you’re writing articles on your blog.

How will you get keywords like that?

I use “Ahrefs”

So, go for “Ahrefs or Semrush”. But both are a high paid tool, as a beginner, you can use ubbersuggest. Also, you have a free trial of Semrush.

After a few days, you will see on your google search console appearing some organic keywords that your website getting traffic.

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So, while you see the organic keywords on your google search console dashboard blend those keywords on your upcoming articles and also linked the previous posts in your newly published posts. (it will grab your audience in your blog and maintain the bounce rate)

Number 2: Do Facebook and LinkedIn research

Yes, billions of people using Facebook and spending time on the platform. Everyone has a profile on Facebook so, it’s the right platform to find your targeted audience.

abd raaz digital

Search about your niche and find the groups. And join the groups as much as you can.

If you join all of your targeted groups, then you will see all the posts from groups in your feed.

So, that’s the opportunity to share knowledge. People always seeking information and asking for help. Help them with your informative information and increase your engagements from the groups.

Help people with the best solutions. And have a chance, mentioned your blog, and invite them to read your blog.

Rally its fun to increase traffic from Facebook. It’s very easy.

And be very active on LinkedIn and try to make connections as much as you can. LinkedIn will allow you to make 30k connections in your personal profile which is great. More connections and more business more people will see what are you doing.

Make more powerful content on your blog and share on LinkedIn and see what’s going on.

Number 3. Do content marketing

Its a super powerful method to drive your targeted traffic. Reach out the bloggers and ask them to write for them. So, publish your article om other people’s blogs and get backlinks from there.

Make sure you’re not posting on spammy PBN sites. There’s nothing if the blog has no traffic.

Also, you can share your content on quora and medium. Because millions of traffic reading in Quora and medium. And these platforms are really super powerful and might help you to get instant traffic.

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Getting or driving targeted traffic is all about your content. Create content that solving real problems. If your content has the ability to solve problems, then ultimately people will notice you and follow you.

Remember there’s no overnight success. You have to be very honest and passionate about your work. And build your reader base day by day. At a time you will definitely see the success.

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Do you have more questions ? please comment below I will make the next content on your question!!