How to get traffic to your affiliate link free

How to get traffic to your affiliate link free: Easy way to get free traffic to your affiliate link for affiliate marketing 

How to get traffic to your affiliate link free

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. Today in this article I am gonna show you how to drive your targeted traffic for affiliate marketing for free.

 Remember that nothing is impossible. So, it’s not so easy but don’t worry it’s not so hard to drive your targeted audience and convert to sell your products. 

I hope after reading my blog you will get something else and that should be make sense for you.

How To Sell Any Product Or Offer And Turn Your Audience Into Paying Customers

A few easy ways to get free traffic to your affiliate link:

A) The best and recommended option is to create your own website or blog and start writing articles about your products. Give the real and informative information and your real experience of those products. 

And remember it people will get something for your information. If you continue this job then a few days later you will start gaining organic traffic from search engine. 

You don’t need to do anything just making content for your audience and get traffic and more sales. How to create a website or articles? 

It’s really very easy you just have to search on youtube and you will get thousands of videos about that. So, you can do that as well as and no need help anybody.

B) If you don’t have a website or you won’t able to write articles or blog! don’t worry you can drive your targeted traffic as well as by using social media. 

At first pick your products from your targeted marketplace like amazon,eBay, Clickbank,jvzoo. After that create at least 3 social media profiles. It’s maybe Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook page, Tumblr. 

Now make your profiles branding look. Like products related logo, name and description. My recommended social media are Instagram and Pinterest. 

Because millions of active users are available in these social media. And they are shopping on Instagram and Pinterest every single day. So, create daily content with stock images, quotes or words with your affiliate links. 

And follow the related and rich profiles and like, comment on their post as well. And continue this job regularly.If you do that as regular I have a guarantee for you that you will gain a huge targeted audience and you can see they will follow back to you.

For example on Pinterest daily follow your related profiles minimum 300 add on your following list and join some group board. 

You will gain a minimum of 70+ targeted followers on Pinterest per day. So 30*70 = 2100 followers in a single month but not that you will gain a minimum of 5000 every single month on Pinterest. So, if you continue this strategy 6 months you will gain 50K and more followers as well as my guarantee. 

So, just think about it how many sales you will generate after 6 months of work. And for Instagram? 

I have another article you can read that for Instagram strategy click here. Or you can also hire me to set up your strategy affiliate marketing business. 

C) Send email to your email list. So, you have to make list for that. Very easy to make an email list with a funnel.

you can also have collected this information from youtube just search for how to create a click funnel for collect email. 

If you have a big list of emails then you don’t need to do anything else just pick your products, create a template and send it to one click.

D) You can have more options for getting free traffic to your website for getting sales through affiliate marketing. 

You can search on google and find some blog who are accepting guest post. Just make a post and send to admin for publishing that on their website. 

If you write good informative articles they will definitely publish that as well as then you will gain traffic and get sales.

E)In this option not full free but very low cost you can get huge of targeted traffic for your affiliate links. Just go on Fiverr and search with your keyword how to get traffic to affiliate links. 

Then choose the gig to have good feedback. So, contact the seller and know how they are providing their traffic if you feel the traffic make sense for you then you can buy their services. 

Even you can have their service maybe $5,$10 or $30 which is a very low amount than google adward.

Ok, so I have tried to explain to you that how to generate targeted traffic for affiliate marketing. If you feel it make sense so please share it with your friends.Thanks for reading