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How to get traffic to your website 2019

How to get traffic to your website 2019: 10 easy ways to generate targeted traffic to your website free

How to get traffic to your website 2019

Welcome to the visit my blog. Today in this blog I am gonna explain to you that how to drive traffic to your website. If you are an affiliate marketer or any website owner you need to real and targeted traffic to your site.The not only traffic you need the targeted traffic. When you able to drive traffic to your website then your website makes sense. So, the traffic is the key to success in our blogging career.

The 10  steps to drive targeted traffic:

1. Join the relevant Facebook group: If you are a blogger or any website owner you have to active on facebook. Because of the 22.11 billions of audience active on facebook. And if you search your keywords you will get your products relevant groups and pages. Just join on the group and follow the rules. If they are accepting posts from other peoples then you can share your links and get traffic from facebook groups as well. But please don’t spam with that.
2. Create Instagram and get traffic: Create your Instagram profile and grow it naturally. You can generate millions of traffic from Instagram.The 3.02 billions of audiences active on Instagram. So, make your profile and start marketing. How to do marketing on Instagram? You can have help from Fiverr. Fiverr people will help you to do that at very low cost.
3. Pinterest marketing: Start marketing on Pinterest. Over 757 millions of audience active on Pinterest. And every day millions of dollars products purchase from Pinterest people. So, start marketing on Pinterest. Create a profile to create some board and join the group board. And increase more engagement and drive real visitors to your website.
4. Youtube channel: Make videos on youtube and give informative information to the audience. And use your website link on the description. You can have a lot of traffic from youtube as well as the real and genuine.
5. Use Reddit to drive your traffic: If you have good skills in writing then Reddit has a big plus for you. If you are looking for traffic from the tire 1 country I should recommend you to write on Reddit and generate high-quality traffic from Reddit.
6. Join the relevant forums: Search on google and join the relevant forums. Follow the rules and share your knowledge as possible to share your links with their visitors. Forums can be a place for you to get traffic.
7. Use Twitter: You can also use twitter. Twitter is the largest social media and a big platform to get targeted traffic. You can also use the hashtags with your daily post and use advanced search options. If you use the advanced search option then you can have a worldwide relevant post. Peoples post that what need and you can leave the website link on their comment section and can drive traffic or direct sales.

8.Linkedin: Real targeted and high-quality traffic you can drive from LinkedIn.If your website is a business website or any services related website LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for to get targeted audience. You can also post ad on LinkedIn.
9.Quora questions & answers: Join on Quora and start following the questions and answers.If have a chance you can leave an answer with your website links or make a question with your website links. So, you can get the dofollow links and generate traffic to your website.

10.Tumblr: The best and biggest microblogging site is Tumblr. Over 520.80 million active audiences available here. So, you can drive huge of visitors from Tumblr as well. So, you can use Tumblr for direct drive traffic, pbn networks or dofollow backlinks or anything else.

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