How To Get Traffic to your Website Fast and Free

How To Get Traffic to your Website Fast and Free: So, as for increasing your website traffic, you have to apply these strategies

Today I am writing this blog regarding how to get traffic to your website fast and free. I have written more articles about how to get traffic to your website in my blog you can read those as well.

How to get traffic to your website fast and free: 

So, If you have a website or online store, you need traffic.The not only traffic you need the targeted traffic.

I know every websites owner or affiliate marketer have one question. How to get traffic on my website.

As well as you can drive your targeted traffic to apply for the free and easiest way. So, first of all, make sure your website is completely ready with search engine optimization.

Like your website is loading fast,mobile-friendly,error-free, submitted on the search engine, you have chosen the right keyword.

So, if you make sure these particular matters are as good as at least.

Then you can start strategy for drive traffic. So, when we are creating a website first we have to fix the issues and make sure its search engine friendly.

And create content on your website. As a new website, you have to maintain regularity and keep creating content. When you feel you have published exceptional numbers of content which really make sense.

Now, you start marketing to drive traffic. So, what’s the way to get traffic to your website for free and fast?

Start writing on social media, other peoples blog.

Social media: 

Write on LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit. If you honestly Choose these 3 social media really that is enough. Join on LinkedIn groups and communities.

And start writing on the little topics and if you get a chance drop your link. Write on your own timeline and mention your website. And also try to help people by comment on their post. But make sure that you are not spamming.

And comment means not like “nice post”.Read their post and write your opinion which really makes sense and you will achieve more trust. A certain time you should realize you have earned something. 

Join Quora and give the answer to questions. Write a brief article on the answer and take 3,4 or more links from the article. The most valuable link is which comes from the article topic. And make sure that you are not spamming and not putting your links without a topic.

You can write daily 4 answers on Quora. So, if you write daily 4 questions on Quora and get 4 links from your answer you will get 120 high-quality do-follow backlinks on your website every single month.

It will grow your PR and domain authority and increase more traffic to your website as well.

And start to write on Reddit. Reddit is an American social network. And here’s you will get 100% real and targeted audience and high conversion. But note this if you keep spamming you will no longer to use Reddit and kick out from here.

As honest as if you keep helping the peoples Reddit can be your big traffic source. I have another blog about Reddit marketing please read this blog.

Other peoples blog

You can also write on other peoples blog as a guest post. This is very very effective for getting traffic and increase search ranking too. So, search on google and get those websites whiches accept guest blog.

You can offer them for with their criteria and show your article as well. If your article is good definitely they will accept it. So, they get content and you get links.

Note this the sites must be your niche relevant. If you have a website about make money and you write on a travel blog that not make any sense.So, keep writing on related websites.

And visit some blog like goodreads,shoutmeloud etc and read their articles and make a comment. But please no spamming and not a nonsense comment. And not request to visit my site, follow me etc.And not drop your link.

Just reply to their post and put your link on the name, email and website option. Write a comment with mention any line or topic and with a question will work as a plus.

So, if you follow these simple tips maybe you will gain a huge of targeted traffic as well. And comment below how dose you feel to read this blog and whats new your idea. And please share it with your friends.

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