How To Get Your Fiverr Gig Noticed, 10 Pro Tips

How To Get Your Fiverr Gig Noticed, 10 Pro Tips
How To Get Your Fiverr Gig Noticed, 10 Pro Tips

Are you a Fiverr guy? Struggling to get your gigs noticed by clients? Perhaps you’re checking the Fiverr analytics so often, and it makes you more frustrated, right? I feel the pain that is ruining you though. I am that guy who had the same frustration. 

You know what, I had an account level 2 and suddenly I got banned from Fiverr.  That was a very tough time for me to survive because I was only dependent on that single profile. I had a wife, and a newborn baby (Son). Just feel my situation bro. 

So, today I’m gonna share some solid tips that might help you to get noticed on Fiverr in the same way that I did in my freelancing career. Please read until the end. 

This is the screenshot, that I created a new profile and made this in that year. I left Fiverr and started making decent $$. I was able to make $2500 – $3000 easily with direct clients.  But now in the last few months, I’m making $5000 – $6000 per month with direct clients. That’s the reason I leave Fiverr.

Because I have no time to spend there. But I can still share the tips that I followed and bring a lot of orders and survived successfully. 

This is only those orders I’m billing my clients through Upwork direct contract. I am using more few systems to get paid, such as xoom, payoneer.

Why do I share this story? Because it’s proof that I have the right to give some advice to those guys/girls struggling with Fiverr to get noticed, clients.

I have These 10 Master Tips to Optimize Your Fiverr Gigs in Order To Get Noticed On Fiverr

  1. Choose a Specific Niche/Topic
  2. Optimize Video/Banner
  3. Keep Your Gig Titles Perfect 
  4. Use the main Keywords Wisely
  5. Use The Full opportunity of Gig Description
  6. Must Add FAQ under the Gig
  7. A Pro Tips on Review
  8. Market Your Fiverr Gig
  9. Buyer Request 
  10. Quality Maintain 

These are the 10 pro tips, if you could apply, I bet you will be the next one to get noticed by potential clients. Now, I’m going to explain in detail how to get your Fiverr gig noticed.

  1. Choose a Specific Niche/Topic

This is the 1st thing, that you guys are messing up. Look, say you are facing some problems with immigration issues, now you have to go to the immigration lawyer right ? What if you called a divorce lawyer ? huh,, 

Still the divorce lawyer can help you with some basic information but not proper. If you need proper immigration help, you have to contact an immigration law expert. 

This is the same thing,  you have to spend time and learn a single topic properly to become a master. Are you a good logo designer ? Then don’t try to take orders for web development. 

As a new seller, you can list 7 gigs on your fiverr profile. So, try to list all the gigs in the same industry. Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to repeat the same gig, instead you could list gigs like this “I will design a brandable logo for restaurant” 2nd one “I will make a brandable logo for real estate” .

This way, it  represents your profile so professional though. I hope you got my point.

  1. Optimize Your Gig Video/Banner

The better is , create a video and tell something about your gig and explain shortly how you could help your clients. If you’re not okay with video that’s totally fine, create a clean, fresh and brandable banner.

Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be a skilled graphic designer to make a banner for your gigs. Just browse the top-ranked gigs and get some ideas. Now you can use Canva and create banners for your gigs. Or you can just visit fiverr and search for gig banner designers, you will see a lot of sellers are ready to help you to create a fantastic banner only for $5. 

How to optimize the image/banner internally ? Well, rename your gig image with your main keyword and add exif data. Get some help with youtube videos. It’s super easy to add exif data, there just you need to add a description that focuses your keywords and title. 

  1. Keep Your Gig Titles Perfect 

What does that mean by perfect Title? Your fiverr gig title is the 1st thing that represents your gig shortly. So it’s quite important to make it perfect. Make it simple and short and use your main keyword in it. And not more than sixty characters. 

  1. Use the main Keywords Wisely

All the algorithms including fiverr, loves content. Because content is king, it’s true. But the problem is everyone has the same capability to use content in fiverr Title – Description. Meaning, you have a limit to use keywords in title, you have a limit to create your description, (only 1200 characters). So you and your competitor are the same in these limitations, how can you overcome this? 

Yeah, I have that magic to help you out!!! (just kidding)

Use your keywords in these places:

  • Your Gig Title
  • Price description
  • Image renamed
  • Image property (EXIF data)
  • Description
  • FAQ
  • Another place I explained below (point number 7)
  1. Use The Full opportunity of Gig Description

What’s the heck by meaning the full opportunity of gig description ? Well, The description is the option that helps you to convert your clients. A buyer decides to hire you after reading your description. Your gig description is representing your qualification and skills though. 

Keep your gig description unique, and explain everything about how you could help your clients. Must use your main keyword and similar keyword as much as you can to dominate your gig ranking. 

  1. Must Add FAQ under the Gig

I saw most of the sellers ignore this option. You don’t have any idea how this option could help you to rank your gig on the top page. As I said, all the algorithms including Fiverr, love content because the content is king. But description has limitations. You cannot put more than 1200 characters in it. 

So, FAQ is the option you can add a lot of questions and answers and use often your keywords as much as you can. This is great. If you add 10 FAQs, and at least one time you mentioned your keyword in each answer. You probably used your keyword 10X more than your competitors.  Awesome right? 

  1. A-Pro Tips on Review

Tell me in the comment, what’s your feeling when you see your clients leave a review and it’s waiting for your review?? Hhhaaaa, it’s heart beating time, right? 

So, you can use your buyer review as an extra opportunity to use your keywords. After publishing your client’s review, you have an option to reply to the gig right? 

When you reply you could use your main keywords in it. 

This is exactly would help you to get noticed on Fiverr

8. Market Your Fiverr Gig

What’s the meaning of promoting your gig? If you just post your gig links on social media, comment box, or elsewhere, only the benefit goes to Fiverr. You never can gain any client this way. Because sending messages in someone’s inbox is just annoying.

Or just posting on your profile or comment box is meaningless. In another word, these activities are spamming.  

No one likes to buy something from a stranger. It’s not work this way. 

How to market your gig ? Or How to promote your Fiverr Gig?

To learn fiverr gig marketing properly, please read these 3 articles in my blog. 

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Anyway, here’s some shorts that might help you to understand about promoting your gigs. 

Setup your facebook or linkedin profile as a professional. Start making connections with ideal people. How to find ideal people that have interest in your niche? It’s easy, facebook has a lot of groups, just search and join. 

Are you a graphic designer? Digital marketer? Or web dev?

These all are representing digital marketing, so you can just join digital marketing related groups and connect with those people who have a background in digital marketing. 

Remember, if you start sending private messages you will lose the potential clients though. 

So, now focus on the groups, what people are talking about most. What’s the problems they are facing? Now, do some analysis and give some solutions.  

If you start talking about the current problem and giving them solutions, people will notice your activities day by day. They will ultimately start visiting your profile.  

Now, they will send your private messages!! Hey, tell me about yourself, show me your services etc bla bla…..

It’s a fun time..  

Now communicate properly and send them your gig link to place an order. 

This way, you can achieve a lot of potential clients and there’s no risk at all. And this is the proper marketing or promotion of your gigs. 

9. How to Send Buyer Request to get noticed 

I heard a lot of Fiverr sellers sending a lot of buyer requests. There is a limit you could only send 10 requests per day. But you know what? You shouldn’t send more than 2,3 requests a day. 

When you browse the buyer request option, you may see thousands of job posts. So Don’t send useless requests to irrelevant jobs. Like you are a web dev, don’t send requests on lead generation jobs. Because there are already a lot of lead generation experts sent requests to that job, now when the buyer will compare your proposal with an expert’s proposal, you probably will not get noticed by that client.

Because whether you’re not an expert in a topic and still writing something about that, it clearly represents your ability in that field though.  The client will just ignore your proposal. So,  send requests only that job you can deliver perfectly and confidently than any others. 

Don’t use a copy-paste proposal, before you send the proposal, read the job description properly. It’s very strange as a view from a buyer’s side, not reading the job description clearly. Sometimes I’m hiring, and when I see the seller even not reading my order description I just ignore them. 

My recent story on hiring:

Me posted on facebook: “I need 2 guest posts and my budget is $10 per post, contact me only if you are okay with this price”

This is a super simple and crystal clear job description right ? 

Would  you like to know what happened next ? 

A lot of sellers inboxed me: Hey, I can provide you 2 guest post, per post $30, 

Hi, I have guest post site lists, when I ask details they told me every post price is $50 ..

I just ignored them as a buyer. Because they didn’t even read my description though.                  

So read a few times and try to understand your buyer’s needs.    Then talk about the problems and how you could help. I have guarantee , you will get noticed or hired within a few proposals.  You don’t even need to send a lot of proposals.        

10. Quality Maintain 

It means many things you have to manage. Your fiverr profile, your social channels, your skills, quality of presentation and buyer response. You have to manage them all to be a true professional. If you keep the quality output, it might help you to survive in the long run. 

Final Words

There are no such things in the world that make you rich in short-time. Or there is nothing in the world that’s unbeatable. You could do anything you want. So, be patient and keep smart work rather than hard work. You have to find some time to think about yourself and your goals. So, if you follow these all 10 pro tips, might help you to get noticed by clients.