How to Promote Your Food Blog

How to Promote Your Food Blog
How to Promote Your Food Blog

How to promote your food blog in order to increase organic traffic. There are plenty of ways to generate traffic to your food or recipe blog. But I’m going to explain some simples ways that might help you to drive a lot of traffic to spend less time.

What’s the key point we should discuss?

  • What are the ways to promote?
  • What’re the specific ways that we apply for a food/recipe blog?
  • A-Pro Tip

I would like to make this content well-informative but short to easy reading. So, hopefully, you guys feel comfort to read.

First of all, if you’re a newbie and starting a food blog, also remember, choosing a perfect hosting is key to achieve the most organic traffic from google.

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How to Promote Your Food Blog

What are the best ways to promote your blogs?

As I said there are plenty of ways to promote your blog to get organic traffic. So, if you would like to get details about that please read this articles:

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What’s the specific way to promote your food blog?

So, here’s the strategy that you can apply to drive massive traffic to your food blog. First of all, keep updating your website with the best content for your readers.

Response their every single comment and figure out whats they would love to get from you. And also write for humans not only for the machine (google).

So, if you focusing your audience and keep writing as regular, this is the number 1 key to get organic traffic from google.

Let me explain more. And now, you should join social media. Yes, join Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest is enough. There’s more social media exists but my best experience with my clients, these social networks are best.


As we all know how peoples love Facebook.

“Roughly 45% of the world’s population use social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day on social media.”

And maximum people using Facebook to connect with friends and family. So, this is a huge opportunity to increase your readers.

So, make a new recipe, food ideas, and share that with your friends and family members on your Facebook timeline and on your story.

Also, when you have a decent number of readers, you should create a page and join related groups. Share knowledge with the group’s members and grab them into your readers. It’s fun right ?

At a time you will see you have achieved some popularity, and people start saying about you. So, then you can start your own group. That means more opportunity.


At the same time, whether you’re using Facebook, you should upload the same story, same images, and content on your Pinterest. Just make your images the perfect size of Instagram.

Don’t worry I’m not a graphic designer but still using canva. Canva is a super easy tool to making your social media content.

So, keep uploading photos and stories on Instagram. And must use the related trending hashtags with your posts.

Also, remember, add your blog URL to the bio section so, people can find your blog because Instagram has no option to put links on each post.



YouTube is the second search engine in entire the world. So, if you’re a blogger and at the same time, you’re making a video on your channel that’s gold.

Yeah, you can generate tons of traffic from youtube which is super organic. And also if you’re a food blogger, people must want to see the recipe and new food ideas, what are you talking about.

Make videos that making new recipes, food ideas, and any direction you have that might help your followers.

So, YouTube is a better option for you to grab more targeted traffic for 100% free.


Pinterest is superb. There’s no such social media that can drive your traffic like Pinterest. Pinterest has their own search engine.

And peoples love to spend time and making buying decisions to browse Pinterest.

“The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes. Pinterest statistics suggest that the amount of time you have to capture your customer’s attention is growing. The 14.2 minutes spent on Pinterest per session is a significant opportunity to earn your audience’s interest” source –

Pinterest: number of monthly active users worldwide 2016-2020. As of the first quarter of 2020, Pinterest had 367 million monthly active users worldwide. During that period, the visual bookmarking platform had 90 million MAU in the United States, compared to 277 million international monthly active users. Source –

Just think about that. As my personal experience with my clients, generating organic traffic is taking the time. It’s not very easy to build a reader base. But Pinterest is totally different.

I got 100k+ page views on Pinterest for less than 2 months. I could make more if I spent more time.

pinterest - abd raaz

You can read my other article on LinkedIn. How do I get my first 1000 users to try my website?

As for Pinterest, there’s no rocket science. Just create unique content with well-optimized images and keep posting as regularly as you can.

And you have done. And bear in mind, also keep an eye on the social media updates so, must avoid their TOS.

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A Pro Tip:

In order to increase organic traffic and compete with competitors, you must have to optimize your website with search engine friendly and you need some high quality backlinks.

Nowadays, Google is very smart, and if you continue to create spammy backlinks with the automatic system or another spammy way, lead to the penalty or down your website to the search results.

And you will lose all of your efforts. So, what can you do?

I follow 2 ways:

  1. Join Facebook groups (SEO groups) and tell them ” I have a food blog and I’m writing about foods and recipes, and I would love to write a decent 500 words blog for you if you have a food/recipe blog like mine. But I need a do-follow backlink from you.
  2. Search on google and find new bloggers on the same topic. And offer them as same as Facebook, I recommended.

This way is best to get links from related blogs. And also this kind of link is considered high-quality backlinks. But only contact them, who has decent traffic and no spammy crapy content on their websites.

Sometimes you need to hear “NO” but take it as a natural story.


I have tried to help them who are thinking about starting a food blog. And explained some easy and simple ideas about “How to Promote Your Food Blog”. If you have any questions and recommendations, please commend below.