How To Remove AdSense Ad Limit Successfully

How To Remove AdSense Ad Limit Successfully

Last week I got an Adsense ad limit notification in my email. And suddenly my sites stop showing ads. I got frustrated and had no idea what to do and why this happening to me.

Finally, I have solved the problem successfully and my sites are showing ads now.

Reason: that why my sites got the AdSense ad limit

I had applied for a new site on AdSense, and the site was approved for adsense. The problem was, the new website has a high volume of traffic. When suddenly my Adsense getting a lot of traffic, it just confused the Google Bot and placed the ad limit on all the sites that belong to the same Adsense account.

I was confident that there are all the visitors I’m getting from Google. So I shouldn’t be worried about it.

How I removed the Adsense ad limit within 1 week?

When I got the notification and received the email from Adsense, I had no idea what should I do. I started watching videos and reading a lot of blogs.

Most of the information I have collected was wrong.

There are 3 Top rules you have to follow and avoid everything:

1.Don’t be panicked

2. Make sure you’re getting organic traffic

3. Follow Google’s Recommendation

Don’t be Panicked: It’s a completely natural system Google developed for your safety. When they feel something is going wrong they don’t disable your AdSense account, rather they just identifying the activities of your visitors to ensure everything is fine.

Until they are satisfied with your visitor’s activities they just placing an ad limit to your account to keep secure your AdSense account.

Make sure you’re getting organic traffic: Are you sure there’s no irrelevant traffic source or robot that providing fake clicks or something else? Check out your analytics and make sure that all of your visitors are 100% real.

Sometimes when you share your post on Facebook or somewhere getting a bunch of clicks in a sudden. If apply something like that, stop it until you get removed the ad limits.

I hope you understand. I was 100% confident that I’m not getting any visitors unless organic.

Follow Google’s Recommendation: Some people saying on their video when you got the AdSense ad limit on your Adsense account, remove auto ads or all the ads from your website. When you got the notification removed on your Adsense account place the ad codes again.

This is a completely wrong suggestion. Because some of the people did that and again when they applied the code, there’s another ad limit placed on their account.

So, this is not the solution.

What do you need to do rather?

That means you don’t have to do anything, just follow Google’s guidelines that means keep creating content and your daily activities. It will automatically be resolved when they identified your visitor’s activities.

Some Important Things You Should Follow To Remove Ad Limit From Your Adsense Account

  1. Ad limits meaning is not that your adsense suspended. Its just an ad serving limit on your account.
  2. Stop visiting your own site too often
  3. Make sure that your friends and family memebers arent visiting your site
  4. Make sure there’s no another medium that driving clicks or visits on your website
  5. Dont share your website to any other place untill the ad limit removed
  6. Dont remove the ads from your website just follow Adsense’s guieline
  7. Dont be panicked and keep working as regular as you doing.

Final Words:

This is my recent story and this is all I did to remove the AdSense ad limit from my AdSense account. I m confident about the organic traffic and only followed AdSense’s guidelines. Within 1 week, I saw my sites started showing ads and after a few days, the notification from my Adsense account has been removed.