How To Remove Spammy Backlinks From Google

How To Remove Spammy Backlinks From Google 

So, When you are ranking in a good position on google sometimes you have to face this type of situations what I am going to explain today.

A few days ago I received an order from Upwork. So, normally I researched their websites performance and keywords and start my work. When I am working on it for 3 days suddenly I got an unexpected message from my client Ady.

He told me what I am doing for his website ?? Really! he’s very worried about his website I realize.

He got 6000+ backlinks but when he (Ady) click on the link on google its says 404 pages not found. That means 6000 links created but doesn’t make sense even those all are errors.

So, I make sure him we didn’t do anything else or even its not so important or down your ranking. So, don’t worry and be cool.

How To Remove Spammy Backlinks From Google?

Ok so, let’s remove our spammy backlinks from Google. It’s very simple and easy to do. Open your computer and search on your browser “disavow links google search console”.

When you search on google “disavow links google search console” you will see the result first and click on the link.

If you open the link now you will see this interface as well.

So, click on the button disavow links. And after that, you will see this interface.

And now again click on disavow links button. If you done then you will see this interface below.

So, click on choose file and upload the note pad where you have saved your bad backlinks. Yes, before upload the note pad you have to note the backlinks on a note pad and save it on any folder and after that upload here. And after submitting your txt file you will this interface and the links should be removed by google.

How to find the error links ??

I know you have the questions right now how to find the bad backlinks right?

So, open your Google search console dashboard and find the link option and click on there. And when you open the link option you will see the internal link and external links. So, normally go for the external link and find your backlinks as well.

Hope you got your help and if you have any questions comment below or if you would like to ask me any questions you can contact me 24/7 as well. Please share this article with your friends. Cheers

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