How To Start Your Own Website as a Freelancer

How To Start Your Own Website as a Freelancer

Freelancers are busy! There are many freelancers working with clients directly to the marketplace. 

When it comes to creating your own website and start selling directly from your own website as a freelancer its sounds like it will take a lot of time to manage the website right?

But really it’s not like that, it will make your works easy and faster than now. 

I promise I will make it super simple to handle for you, and the cost is less than $30 dollars for a year. Just read the full article though.

Look At the Screenshot:

I got paid $53000 Dollars last 12 months through Upwork Direct Contract alone and in total, I have crossed $70,000 dollars in 2021. Recently I’m making between $8000 – $12000 dollars per month though.

This is all I’m doing with my direct clients. That means, if it works for me, it will work for you too.

So if you still working on a marketplace, I would highly recommend you to start your own website today and sell the service directly to your clients. It’s easy.

Before I explain How to start your own website as a freelancer, I would love to give you some answers that freelancers often ask.

Why Should I Have a Website as a Freelancer?


There are many reasons that you should definitely have a website as a freelancer.

A marketplace profile, any time it could be disabled because it’s not your own property

  • 1. There is also high competition
  • 2. Most of the clients in the marketplaces are tight-budget
  • 3. Marketplace will cut 10% – 20% commission in your income
  • 4. A client can easily leave you and hire another seller, because the marketplace promote themselse to the clients, they dont promote any individual sellers though

5. If you lost a profile with a lot of good reviews and years of hard work, you will be drawn within a second. 

That’s why I highly recommend you to start your own website as a freelancer.

Is Managing a Website Time-Consuming?

Absolutely not. I know you’re busy with your clients and you don’t have enough time to focus on the website though. So just create the website and add your service pages that’s it. You can just do it on the 1st day when you create the website.

And you don’t have to spend hours and hours every day. Just when you have a few minutes, you can edit or customize the pages, maybe write some articles to keep up to date with the website. 

It will take only a few minutes on your weekend or maybe monthly once or twice.

How Can I Find High-Paying Clients?

To find high-paying clients, you don’t have to be an SEO expert and compete with the bloggers on google. 

Just focus on the target industry and help your target audience on the platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook groups. There are already tons of highly targeted Traffic spending their time.

So help the community and build your own audience. That’s super easy, only the hardest part is to be with consistency. 

If you add value to your industry and help your audience, they might check out your website and contact you directly through your website.

I have published another article regarding How Can I Find Content Writing Clients?

The article is for content writers, but the principle of generating clients is the same. So if you apply the same strategy in any industry, you might attract a lot of high-paying clients.

Now! How To Start Your First Website as a Freelancer

There are only 4 steps to go:

Buy a domain > Setup with hosting > Install theme > Setup Your service pages

Now you’re completely ready to go! super simple right?

I am not going to waste your potential time, I have just these 4 simple and solid tips that you might need to follow when you’re starting your very first website as a freelancer.

Before you start a website that will represent you to your potential clients you must focus on these 4 things:

Brandable Domain: The domain is the 1st part of the journey of your own website. Choose a perfect domain that can represent your business professionally in front of your clients. The domain must be short, relevant to your industry, and brandable. 

Buy the domain name at a cheap price from here

Hosting: Hosting is the most important part of your website. If you choose the bad one, it will destroy all of the efforts you spent. 

My current website and more 4 websites I’m using Namecheap shared hosting. It’s super cheap at the same time it’s one of the best hosting companies in the world.

Namecheap shared hosting packages

I also love their customer support, they are super quick and helpful. Their server is always fast and sometimes it’s getting down but a very rare case. I’m sure that’s not gonna bother you, lol.

I would highly recommend Namecheap without a doubt. There is another article I have explained details about Namecheap and recommended some other hosting companies: 3 Best Web Hosting Reviews

Also, you can start your first website with Bluehost or Hostgator too, I have read a lot of positive articles about them too.

Perfect Theme: Theme has always an important role besides your online presence. A theme is actually telling your customers who you are. It shows your works visually and helps to convert your visitors into customers.

Also, technically it’s a significant part of your website. If you choose a heavy theme that will be a reason of dropped your visitors and increasing your bounce rate though.

So choose a lightweight theme that’s loads super fast and reduces your bounce rate.

I would also recommend when you start a new website don’t take the premium theme, just go for a free theme like Astra, Box style, etc.

But still, if you wanted to buy a premium theme I would recommend 3 themes here that you can use to start your first website as a freelancer.

SEOCIFY: I have used SEOCIFY for one of my own websites and my client’s website. The theme is really recommended for any digital services websites like SEO, social media, online coaching, web design & development, and any other categories with no problem. 

Check out the theme’s preview here

Charm: It’s another portfolio type of theme you can use to start your first website as a freelancer. 

Charm is a fast-loaded responsive WordPress theme. I have read most of their user reviews and I think it could be the best one though. Check out the theme’s preview here

Vangard: It’s another one WordPress theme that’s fast-loaded and recommended. I have personally visited some websites that are used Vangard and I can recommend this theme to the designers and any type of freelancers to start a new website. Check out the theme’s preview here

Consultio – Consulting Corporate: If you’re providing a consultancy type of service, I would highly recommend you Consultio theme

This is one of the best-selling WordPress themes for consultants. The theme sold 2.8k times and 4.93-star ratings out of 5 stars. That means it’s awesome.

Most of the people recommended Consultio theme. Check out the theme’s preview here

So, if you already take the domain, set up the hosting and theme now just add your service pages to your website and you’re ready to go.

Final Words:

If I ask you a question!!

“You see a man you know him closely, he’s selling something vs another man selling the same thing, now if you buy the product, who the man you’re going to buy from?”

I’m 1000% sure, that you will buy from that well-known person. This is what content marketing is better than any other method such as email marketing.

So, when you email random people, they just don’t care what you selling, but if you share knowledge and help the target audience, they care, they might be interested in you. Because content marketing makes you popular, creates your own face and own brand that no one can compete with.

To keep growing your own audience, the website is essential to represent your business in front of your customers.