How To Use Quora To Get Traffic To Your Blog [6 Steps]

How To Use Quora To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Quora is a supermassive platform nowadays, to share knowledge and drive tons of traffic to your blog. In order to promote your website on Quora, you don’t have to be very expert in it.

It’s super easy. I saw a lot of people who have no technical skills with zero marketing experience but they have profiles with millions of views.

I personally using Quora and answering questions related to my skill. I got it very interesting though when its got me a few of clients from there.

I actually run my business and being super busy, but when I browse Quora I’m answering. So, it’s not very serious to me but still, I’m getting visitors, clients, and leads from it.

My Quora profile

As you can see it’s a very little activity, even though I have no millions of views in Quora. Just imagine how powerful is this platform though.

So, today, I’m going to share some strategies and tips to drive massive traffic to your website.

I hope its might help you to generate leads from Quora or you would learn how to use Quora for blogging.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer website. Its now become a massive search engine. At the same time its a social media too.

According to Wikipedia: Over 300 million of unique users visiting Quora per month. In 2021 at similar web statistics says it’s over 500 million + visitors monthly visiting quora.

As you can see, its a huge number of traffic visiting Quora.

Every time I search on google to search things, I’m seeing Quora’s results in feature snippet or question snippet as well as at least one result in the pack 10 results.

So, its a better idea to choose quora to promote your blog. Because you cannot compete with big players in a competitive niche, but quora can.

So, if your answer featured on Google through Quora, and a link back to your website from that particular post, that means you’re now in feature or top 10 positions, with your new or low authority website though.

Its a great advantage of Quora or such platforms.

You have no idea how many visitors you will get from there.

How To Use Quora To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Let’s explain how to use Quora to get traffic to your blog. First of all, you need to choose a perfect niche and setup your blog. Also provide valuable information that helps people.

If you create new blogs also choose a perfect hosting company for a better experience. Here’s I recommend the best hosting company I use.

There are a few steps help you to Get Traffic To Your Blog:

  • Setup Your Quora Profile perfectly
  • Use a strong tagline to describe yourself
  • Add a description and link your blog/website
  • Explain details people should read your blog
  • Strict on your niche
  • Try to be active as much as you can
  • Answer all the perfect questions in your industry
  • Keep your answers informative and in-depth
  • An in-depth answer represent you as helpful, it’s an emotional sign (which is good)
  • Join quora space (industry relevant)
  • Follow other peoples, like, share, and comment on their posts
  • As fas as keep writing

If you follow all these steps and share your blog sometimes as necessary, I guaranteed, you will get massive traffic, sales, and leads from quora.

How To Use Quora For Blogging

As for blogging, don’t share too much links in your answer. I follow a routine, like I share one line after 4/5 posts. So, if I share a link, I wouldn’t share another link until I write more 4 new answers.

Add value to the planform. Give more and take less and go ahead. This way, you will gain a strong profile on Quora.

As I said, I’m not very active though , still I’m getting visitors from Quora.

How To Generate Leads From Quora

As for generating leads, you have to strict on your niche and provide value to the industry. You know, there’s no over night success there. You have to be patient.

After a certain time, you will see a massive movements. I wanted to repeat that bulletpoint I added above

  • Keep your answers informative and in-depth
  • An in-depth answer represent you as helpful, it’s an emotional sign (which is good)

Yes, if you answer with in-depth information, it will create an emotional sign that’s very important to gain trust. Once you gain trust, it will help your audience to convert to sales.

So, keep writing and bring more audience and more engagements. Make more connections, share your thoughts, and solve the real problems.

If you solve real problems, it might help you to generate leads.

How To Promote Your Website On Quora

To promote your website follow all the above instructions. Also, Quora offering paid advertisements too. Quora has high intent audience though it’s a little bit expensive than other social media.

I read some reviews, pros and cons regarding Quora ads. I noted that most of the users saying its better than any other social channels.

So, to promote your website on Quora, you can use their ad or simply answer questions and keep growing your own network. It will bring you organic traffic though.

How To Make Money on Quora?

Quora has partner program to earn money. To learn more about Quora partner program, visit here.

This is offering by Quora (partner program). But still you can make mone by monetize your audience with many different ways. You can promote your website and earn money with AdSense, you can also promote your affiliate products, you can grow your profile and generate leads to your business.

Currently I’m making money from Quora with 2 ways. As I said I’m not even using Quora very seriously but still I make money from Quora.

How ? Well, I manage a Quora profile for one of my clients and he paying me a decent salary for that.

It’s not once, rather I managed more clients before, and always I’m having clients for managing their Quora profiles. I’m charging them on monthly basis.

Another way is, that’s what I already explained: I’m answering questions in my skill relevant questions and interested buyers contacting me. I got a lot of great proposals and got a few deals from quora.


Join Quora and help people in your industry. Keep writing answers, at a time it will show you a massive movements. Are you using Quora to grow your business ? Share your experience with me.