I got a question on Quora: How do I get high-quality traffic?

How do I get high-quality traffic?

I got a question on Quora and answered but somehow the question was deleted by quora moderator. So, I put the answer in my blog. I just copied the answer to what I have written there.

Well, it’s a good question but you had to more clear about your niche. Because there’re a lot of ways to generate targeted traffic but depend on niches.

As an example, your targeted audience is age 35+ you can not setup your campaign on Snapchat or tiktok although there are millions of traffic using the platforms and spending there time every day.

So, first of all, figure out your products or niche and do some research on the audience, geography, age, consumer, business, market, competitors, etc and then set up your strategy as well.

I am also talking about website traffic and working for clients, in this field since 2014.

So, I have some different experiences with drive targeted traffic. So, I am going to share some of my experience and strategy with what we follow.

How do I get high-quality traffic?

There is 2 part of drive targeted traffic:

1)Paid Traffic 2)Organic Traffic
Paid Traffic:
There is a lot of methods you can apply to your blog or website to drive targeted traffic by paid. Like, PPC adward, social media ad campaign, sponsored on the websites, hire influencers, contact YouTubers, contact with bloggers to add your guest post on their blogs, contact facebook groups or pages owners to pin your post to their groups/pages,email marketing or also you can hire someone like mine to generate targeted traffic by applying monthly strategy.
Organic Traffic:
So, the free methods are SEO, SMM, exchange something.
The most recommended method is, make your website and do SEO for generating high-quality and most targeted traffic as well. There’s no doubt that SEO is the best traffic generation system. But it will be tough if your niche is high-competition.

But if your mind-set is strong and you’re ready to working hard you should go for SEO.

And the 2nd method is social media marketing. Yes, you can get a huge of organic traffic from social media without spending a single penny $.

But all the social media doesn’t provide you organic traffic and all the social media not for any niche. So, first of all, you have to figure out whats your niche,b2b,b2c,b2b2c or whatever and which platform is good to go.

Then apply your strategy. As an example, if your niche is b2b then, go for LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook and if you’re products like camera, devices, make money or selling something then, go for pinterest, twitter, Instagram etc.

But please note this, you will only get the targeted traffic and very fast on the pinterest, twitter and LinkedIn. And the other sites will give you traffic but they will take a lot of time then.

So, make high-quality content on your website to get traffic from search engines.And create posts on the social media regular basis and proper use of hashtags and keywords on the post. Because the proper keywords and hashtags appear your social media post on the worldwide search results.
Exchange something:
It means share for share or so something like that. For example, contact some related to your niche to some of the blogs owners. And offer them,

“Hey, John,

I saw your one of the posts, that is amazing, look, there’s my content similar to you. So, if you list my blog to your content I will share your website on the 30 social media groups or my followers etc. “

If you have a page of some of the related groups to share than many of website owners will list your link on their website and you will get the targeted traffic as well.

I have tried to explain a very short cut. So, please if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks for reading.