Local SEO Services in Toronto, Canada

Abd Raaz Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides globally local SEO, content marketing, and virtual assistant services. We mainly work with agencies that run SEO & content marketing services in Toronto.

What Kind of Services We Provide in Toronto, Canada?

Well, we are working with some big agencies and individual clients in Toronto Canada. An example: one of our clients has 30+ clients in Toronto and all over Canada and we manage them all for years.

Though we have more clients in Car Removals, Pest Control, Lawfirm, Roofing Contractor, e-commerce, and many other competitive industries in Toronto, Canada.

Can We Bring Results in Toronto, Canada?

Definitely, as I said, we have already a lot of clients in Toronto, CA, and even worked for years that means we definitely bring results though. Actually, when we start works we audit first their website and google my business profiles. After that, we monitored every single movement while working.

Every single month we provide comparing reports like 30 days vs last 30 days, how many phone calls, how many keywords ranked, etc.

SEO is a long-term game but you will realize in the 1st couple of months that your current SEO manager is right or not.

So, when we start works, it will show you great movements as a green signal to continue with us. That’s, why there are a lot of clients from Toronto, been working with us for years.

Why Local SEO is Important in Toronto, Canada ?

88% of consumers use local search, and around 46% of people seek local information or their daily needs though. Just an example: if a keyword has 100 search volume per month and your competitor ranks for 3 keywords in the google pack 3 (Google map), that means every month they’re getting 300 new customers only for 3 keywords.

Now just imagine if they rank for 10 keywords!! That’s awesome, right? And a big loss for you right?

So, if your business rank in Google map you’re in front of your target customers though. If you’re not ranking on the Google local map, Damn, you’re missing a lot of customers.

Here are some of my short case studies on how I ranked local businesses, and I have a ton of samples, case studies, and current clients and I would love to show you everything that we are doing exactly.

Please feel free to contact me and let’s talk over the phone call, zoom, or maybe via email.

Here’s my main monthly Local SEO service page