Monthly SEO Services2

monthly seo services
monthly seo services

Monthly SEO Services/Search Engine Optimization

We make it easy for agencies, who have clients and need an honest, responsible company to take care of their clients. We are strictly following google webmaster guidelines and applying whitehat techniques to drive more customers to the local business.  

Our price is super affordable and hopefully, it’s suitable for you too.  To check out our monthly items please visit this google sheet:

This is our monthly local SEO package

We have an incredible audit template that we use to audit GMB and websites. So we will fix all the SEO errors and optimize all the items in this audit template.

Here’s the Audit template:

To achieve the pack 3 results, we will use this strategy in the next 12 month.

Monthly GMB Optimization Items In Short:

  1. Google My Business Audit
  2. Google Business site optimization
  3. 10 – 15 GMB post per month
  4. Use geotagging images for single and multiple locations
  5. On-page SEO proper local approach
  6. Meta Titles and H tags optimization
  7. Local citations, business directory submissions
  8. Niche + GEO citations
  9. PDF and video submissions
  10. Social brand profiles and Social signals
  11. Proper schema markup
  12. G-stacks with google property | Example G-Stacks Template
  13. keyword research
  14. Powerful web 2.0 strategy
  15. Silo content (niche + GEO specific) Example Silo Structure
  16. GMB Traffic Generation
  17. Premium Brand Article Submission
  18. Image Layering Strategy

Monthly SEO Services Technical Items:

Audit your websiteComplete onsite SEO
Competitor analysisH1 h2 h3 tags optimize
Meta title meta descriptionOptimize post & products
Image alt & robot txtCorrect LSI keywords
Correct internal & outbound linkBounce rate & dwell time
Google and bing submissionCreate XML sitemap
Speed optimizationOff-page strategy
Remove crawl errorLocal listing for local business
Build high-quality backlinksSet up social media
Schema MarkupOptimize for Voice Search

What do I need to get started?

  • Website login
  • Make Me Manager of Your GMB
  • Or Local Viking access
  • Keywords (if u have chosen)


Basic $300/mo Standard $500/mo Premium $900/mo
Audit + Basic Onsite SEO with 3-page Optimization + Schema Markup and 1 keyword rank Audit + Complete Website Onsite SEO+Schema markup with 5 keyword research + off-page SEO 5 keywords rank Standard pack+ create a complete strategy and advance content marketing with 30 keywords rank

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Some FAQs

What’s the Starting Process ?

First, contact us and place your order. After that make us the manager of your or your client’s GMB. And then, share the login access of their website. If you have a local Viking to monitor, then let us know and add us.

How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

It depends on many factors, website age, where you currently rank, etc. Here’s some general estimates for each of our packages. Basi package SEO – Established rankings can expect results in 5-6 months, newer sites / no rankings can expect results in 8-9 months; Medium Package SEO – Established rankings can expect results in 2-4 months, newer sites / no rankings can expect results in 4-6 months; Premium Plan SEO – Established rankings can expect results in 2-3 months, newer sites / no rankings can expect results in 3-5 months.

When Should I Expect To Get Leads/Sales?

SEO is organic. You shouldn’t expect to get sales or leads until you are ranking on page 1 OR in the Pack 3 of Google Maps. SEO will be most effective once you have top 1-3 rankings for your keywords on Google and/or a Top 3 Ranking in Google Maps. We work to get you both quickly!

Do You have any recent case studies or clients success ?

Yes, we are managing 150 – 200 clients and we have a ton of success stories and recent case studies. If you need some of example reports, please contact us.

What Happens IF I Stop My SEO Services?

Stopping SEO, meaning is your competitors will make the $$ profit and you wont compete. Its something like you stopping your daily workout. You will still be strong for a while but eventually, you will lose your strength.

What If I gain pack 3 ?

Well, if you already achieved pack 3 for a few keywords, there are a lot of competitors and relevant keywords, then focus more keywords and rank them.

What If I’m already a very popular company ?

Whatever you are! If you are not in google top 3 , you’re missing a lot of business. So, start SEO today with us, we will bring a lot more business in your table.

[Note: The monthly SEO strategy will be set up by the current position of the website by following a daily schedule. And also we will monitor the keywords, analytics and google search console as well. And provide the improvements reports weekly and monthly basis.]