Play Games for Money – Online Skill Games

Play Games for Money – Online Skill Games

Yes, this is the online skill games. You will make real money when you’re playing games. Really its pay you instant money even if you have no experience and also you can make affiliate commission to refer your friends as well.

How To Make Money From Online Games?

If you’re a skilled gamer then you have definitely wished about making money through gaming in the past but don’t want to put in months of effort for little profit. This is where Sitago comes in the picture. Sitago is an online site that offers a wide variety of skill games for real money.

You read that right, by playing games and competing with other players you can win actual money – no long term plans, no wasting time and no chance involved.

What Are Skill Games & Should You Play?

Skill games are exactly what they sound like. You play a game against another opponent with money on the line. The one that’s more skilled at the game wins. You won’t be playing some complex game but rather some timeless classics that will challenge your skills as a gamer.  

You can choose from a wide variety of games including Tetris, Pool , Street Fights, Race Cars and many more. Whether you’re a casual or a pro gamer, at Sitago you can test your skill and make real money in the process while playing the classic games you’ve been playing for years.

How & Where To Play Skill Money Games?

While there are more than a few sites that offer skill games none of them provides more than a handful of games that are neither interesting nor exclusively skill-based. Sitago is one of the few places online that offer a diverse lineup of real money skill games to make sure it has something to offer for everyone. Sitago brings user a unique platform that offers an ever growing line of online multiplayer games.

Playing skill games for cash is simple, two or more players compete with each other by betting actual money and the winner takes all. You won’t be just playing for money alone. By playing your favorite games you’ll be able to earn exciting rewards and achievements.

The Difference Between Skill Games And Gambling

When it comes to gambling there’s always chance involved. Whether you’re rolling the dice or playing slots, your victory depends entirely or primarily on chance. When it comes to skill games it’s the exact opposite which means there’s no chance involved, only skill. Online skill games are carefully designed to test your skills as a gamer and how well you can deal with random situations.

For example, a popular game on Sitago is Candy Swipe that randomly generates the candy grids you and your opponent get.  You’ll be playing the game in split screen against your opponent. On the other hand, real cash gambling games revolve entirely around your luck and can even be rigged in favor of the house.

How Much Can You Earn On Sitago?

As far as transparency goes, Sitago handles it exceptionally. How much money you make depends on how much money you’re willing to put down. Players play head to head with one another after determining the amount they want to bet.

After the round is over the winner takes 90% of the earnings and Sitago takes 10%.  There are no surprise or hidden costs at the last second.

Types Of Online Skill Games To Choose From

On Sitago, you can play a wide variety of games that range from simple card gains to platforming/arcade games. The types of skill games include:

Card Skill Games

Many people believe that card games are all about luck but they couldn’t be more wrong. A fair share of luck is involved especially in games like Solitaire. You’ll find several variations of card games on online skill game sites.

Arcade Skill Games

If you want to play skill games for real money that are like your favorite mobile games then arcade skill games are your best bet. These are the type of games you play on your smartphone to pass time which makes these both accessible and rewarding. There are a variety of platforming games as well like Super Platformer on SItago. The only drawback is that Sitago’s mobile app is still under development so you can only play on PC for now.

Board Skill Games

Board games are timeless classics that make the perfect way to challenge yourself and win money in the process. Board games for money like chess are perfect for anyone that wants to entirely remove every element of chance and randomness from the games they play.

These are just to name a few. You can visit SItago and explore an ever-growing library of the latest skill games to earn money.

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