This is a great formula and LIVE example to achieve a job from a new client

This is a great formula and LIVE example to achieve a job from a new client
LIVE example to achieve a job from a new client

If you’re a freelancer and continuously bidding jobs on Upwork or anywhere to get clients this is the live example to achieve a job from a new client.

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Tonight I got an email from a buyer who needs instant visitors to sell their affiliate product. I’m not sure where he came from it’s probably from Quora.

I’m just copying and pasting here what replied. When you’re bidding a job on Upwork or pitching a client to buy your service, you will have an idea from here that how to convince a new customer.

Still, the buyer has not placed an order but I always confident, because I also focusing and trying to solve their actual problems.

So, any real buyer cannot ignore…

If you’re a freelancer and still bidding on jobs but not getting any responses from your clients, I promise you will get the best formula to achieve jobs.

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Get the principle to achieve a job from a new client



I am not sure what package would be best for me. You are the traffic expert, I’m not. Traffic has been my worst failure.

I can build a pretty good converting funnel and email follow up series, but it needs proper targeted traffic. This is the first of 5 weight loss affiliate funnels.

I will have further funnels in different niches.I need someone that I can contact and say… Here is my funnel, the niche, and the ideal customers. Start driving consistent, month after month traffic.

I am not so much concerned with your cost or package, but rather “Do you make me money?’

“Do I pay you less than I earn?” If you can do this for me I will be your best customer.I sent you the links for my initial funnel. Please let me know what you can do and how much it will cost. Stay safe and God bless”



Thanks for making me clear. You added, “Traffic has been my worst failure” I know whats the problem is.

Now I’m going to solve it and offering the best deal to generate some business ($$$) in your table through my formula.

People like you who need traffic, if you search on google you will see a ton of websites/ads selling visitors and I’m very shocked people just buying those offers though.Traffic is not that thing that you can instantly buy.

They all just selling fake robotic clicks that’s it. This is why there’s no money.

Now, what’s the solution?

(if you really need real visitors)1) Go and run google and Facebook or other social media ads2) Build a website and create content and drive traffic from the search engine (2 years at least to establish the website + spend a huge amount of money)So these 2 items are legit but one is very expensive (ads) and one time (means you only getting traffic when you spending money on an ad) and another item is a big-time consume + demanding a lot of money to spend without any return on investment until a certain time.I think you probably don’t like both items.

What can I do for you?

As for promoting your funnel, I will just set up 2 social profiles for you. Instagram and Pinterest and start creating high-quality content on there and increase the target audience.

We will only create content to convince the target audience and we will show you movements on a monthly basis.It’s still not an overnight job but still best than any other method.

Because as we all know, content is king and we know how to improve a platform and how to convince the target audience organically.My goal is to build the profiles and bring target audiences as much as we can.

My team will start creating content daily basis and growing the followers and engagements.

So, within a few months, you will see a number of target audiences hooked on the platform and they’re just engaging. (Sounds awesome right?)

The interesting part is, when the audience starts following the profiles they ultimately staying and growing more audience. So, I prefer to try our premium at least 3 months (my service link)

It will cost you only $299 a month. Let me know what do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you.Best Regards”

What I’m trying to explain exactly to achieve jobs from new clients?

Well, look at my email 1st part. I focused on their exact problems and trying to explain what’s the exact problem and then I gave a good solution.

I showed them pros and cons what’s needed to be done exactly at the moment. So, client can think about it and they have options to choose.

All the time when I’m bidding on a job or getting emails from clients, I’m focusing on their problems and I’m super confident to being hired.

Do you have any specific questions ? Comment below.