Upwork New Payment Feature (Direct Contract) Make Me Excited

Upwork New Payment Feature Made Me Excited
Upwork New Payment Feature Made Me Excited

I’m really excited to hear about the Upwork new payment feature. As a freelancer from the third world country, we also facing problems with accepting the client’s payment though.

As for mine, I’m working with SEO agencies and a lot of individual clients as a fulltime freelancer. I’m not working on the marketplace as always.

But sometimes I’m working on the marketplace though, such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and legiit.

I left the marketplaces and working with direct clients last 1 year. The main reason is, the commission of the market place is too high. Upwork and Fiverr is cutting 20% from each sale and legiit is 15% though. Even though, they’re holding money due to the so-called, security period.

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So, I left and start working with my direct clients. As for USA clients, I’m using Xoom and as for another country, I was got a lot of trouble.

Lastly, I used one of my friends paypal, who has a foreign Paypal. But it’s hard to make transactions this way, on another person’s account.

And last week, I just saw a new payment feature launched in Upwork, named direct contract. And I checked and really I was excited to use this new payment feature. Please keep reading I’m going to explain the advantages.

Upwork New Payment Feature (Direct Contract)

direct contract

If you click on that icon you will see like this:

direct contract.

So, click on the button as create a contract and you will get a super-simple form. This is why I was so, excited. Because, this feature is for non -Upwork clients, who has no Upwork profile and wanted to pay you with only PayPal or anything like that as very simple.

As a freelancer, I know the client’s also doesn’t like to take the stress though. So, they also looking for an easy and trusted system to pay.

So, this feature will help you to accept instant payment from your non Upwork clients. But, I know, you have a common question, why I should create a contract on Upwork?

  1. Because this is super simple
  2. Your clients won’t need to create a profile on Upwork
  3. They can pay from any where as PayPal or credit card
  4. Anyone trust in Upwork
  5. Taking up to 2 minutes
  6. The commission is only 3.4% which is very low
  7. And your client doesn’t need to pay anything else

The main advantages are, they (Upwork) won’t charge 20% from your earning and your clients getting it 100% free (no charges from clients) and no need to create them a profile either.

So, just feel this form and create a direct contract with your client. And get payments in less than 5 minutes.

upwork direct contract

So, this is a super simple form. I already tried from one of my UK clients and got the payment within 5 minutes. Really it was very helpful for me (Upwork new payment feature “direct contract” )


As a third world country freelancer sometimes I need to work without upfront payment. And sometimes, I got some clients, owe me a month or sometimes they paid only half and disappeared. It’s a very rare case, but I got this to happen. So, I also looking for this kind of easy payment system as Upwork new payment feature (Direct contract).

So, now I can use this and ask them to pay when we start work, and the payment will hold on Upwork, I will deliver and they will release the payment. It’s easy and useful to both of us (clients and freelancers).