What is the reason that we use Quora?

What is the reason that we use Quora?
What is the reason that we use Quora?
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What is the reason that we use Quora?

For learning!! But why on quora?

Because it’s a good platform to help each other. People asking questions and experts answering them equal to = Business.

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Let’s break it down:

If you are an expert in any field, now you need to sell your expertise to make money right? That means you need the target audience.

And on the other hand, quora is offering that you can ask anything you want, so when the people are asking questions, experts/professionals are taking them as an opportunity to gain their target audience.

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Someone asks the question “How can I drive traffic to my website?”

That means this question for all the website owners right? So, if you’re targeting website owners and you have true skill in drive traffic, probably you can easily target all the website owners by answering this question.

It’s working as an ecosystem, so it’s easy to find the targeted audience for the content creators.

That’s why nowadays, quora become a great platform for knowledge sharing.